Monday, February 5, 2018

the New Me

i am so happy with myself that i could finally forgive the one i thought i will never be able to my entire life. while sitting and thinking back to the year gone by, i was thinking of all that i am grateful for in 2017 and i am most grateful for my growth. And i was also so grateful that my family and friends have accepted the transformed me and are putting in their faith and working with me as their catalyst for their growth. 
and while i allowed all of that to sink in, i realised that i was soo tough on someone who is trying to change from what was and that i was holding on to the old persona and not forgiving the earlier trespasses.
this was a true batti jalli moment for me. i realised i should be seeing the person as she is now and not as she was. that was an aha moment for me that washed me over with the attitude of letting it all go.
i accept the evolution in you as much as i cherish the same in me. one of the quotes that i read comes to mind; if you are, what you were 5 years ago, you havent grown.
Today i choose to celebrate the new you and the new me !

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