Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Waterfall near Shimla

This summers when we stayed in Shimla, our main agenda was to explore and discover new terrains by trekking or by driving. So when someone told us that there is a “real waterfall” nearby in a place called Shaddi around 8 kms down from Koti Resorts, we decided to check it out.
My son was very excited at the prospect of a waterfall in the midst of the mountains. Packed the car with munchies and started off, the journey in itself was awe inspiring and gaping-worthy. Beautiful peaks lit with brilliant glistening sunshine, majestic pine trees sprouting fresh cones, butterflies strutting around as if they owned the place, a single car or jeep passing by as leisurely, Ahh the times of no traffic chaos and us in no hurry to reach anywhere or looking at the watch time and again, just the serene cool crisp mountain air,windows rolled down a feat unimaginable in Delhi. On the way down we caught many sites of step farming, a quaint little mandir, a shepherd and obviously many monkeys doing what they do best; monkeying around. Whoever said joy is in the journey must have traveled mindfully focusing on the moment and happiness derived from it.
Soon on crossing the bend we reached THE waterfall. It was “so small” like the son put it since I think mentally he was expecting a distant cousin of Niagra or the Tews falls that he has been to and had a reference of. Small it was but disappointing it wasn’t, and it was as private as it could get since we were the only people around. A bit of crossing over the slippery boulders and getting feet and hands wet did the trick for my son and frankly us too, at that time seemed like we were all kids, flowing gushing water does have that effect on boring grown ups too, the mischievous child within awakens and wants to splash and get splashed.
But like all good things have to come to an end, on a philosophical note thankfully all the bad ones too have an ending. Infact my mantra for life remains “this too shall pass”, we bid our goodbyes to this short rejuvenating and memorable sojourn too.

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  1. all given pictures are very beautiful.i really like the nature things and greenery of many temples, snowy hills and so on.i would definitely go there for sure.thanks for your post here