Monday, February 5, 2018

Open Letter to the Students from a Parent

Dear students 
I know how tough it can get just before the exams. We have gone through it too. The problem is that sometimes we parents forget that. We project our unlived dreams on to you and you have to bear the cross of our unfulfilled ambitions. I am sorry as a parent i feel like calling out our bluff. It is actually about us not about you.
You are definitely loved and cherished. It is mostly about our fears and not your career/college blah blah. We want the best for you but forget that, giving you pressure or stress is not giving out best to you.
Standing where i am i can see it more clearly. As a parent to a class xth student all i want to say is this:
I love you and that this love of mine does not depend on your marks.
All will be well. You will be fine trust me i know
I used to flunk math sometimes psst most times and look at me i am fine and doing well too.
Kids in my class i used to think were buddhu are all doing very well in their careers.
Not getting a college of my choice is just that. It does not mean that my life is over.
Comparison with another is a recipe for disaster and depression. Hope you dont want to brew that in your life.
There are only x amount of factors that you have control over. Seek to inflence that "only". Like you can choose how to prepare but you cant choose the exam paper or the marks your examiner gives. So best do what you can and leave the rest to the higher force. Trust yourself.
Make doable meausrable goals for everyday
Raise your own bar. Like you do in gym: a little first then some more and then some even more. Stretch your capacity. "Your" capacity. Thats the key.
A result is just a feedback to, what is it that you can do more of, less of, start or stop. Its not a decree on who you are.
Do not let peoples opinion of you matter to you. You are amazing. Treat yourself as that.
God bless you

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