Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ullu ka...

Spotted this cute little lovable owl perched on a tree and when i spotted him, he spotted me too...gosh he was staring at me with perfectly round eyes. Ulla ka.....i didnt say it :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Would You Believe it?


Have you ever stood at the head of a waterfall? As incredible and unbelievable as it may sound I have. And what an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, exhilarating and hair-raising experience it was.

Last summers I went to Canada to visit my bro. Out of our many sojourns there, this one left some amazingly cherished memories. Tews falls in Hamilton,Ontario is just a wee bit shorter than the Niagara, falling from a height of 41 meters. It is the highest waterfall in Hamilton, the waterfall capital of the world. DSC04133

We took to the roads from Brampton and reached Tews in about 2 hours. Joining me, my husband and brother were our two little imps of 9 and 4 years. The kids were boisterously looking forward to the trip and had been duly instructed to not throw any tantrums and refrain from saying the dreaded word “godii” since we had planned on a trek to the Dundas Peak.

DSC04130The hike was around 1.6kms and though not really tough as in the terrain but challenging nevertheless with 2 little ones. We were in for a surprise when these two went on hopping, skipping and jumping all the way without getting tired and throwing a single tantrum. A feat in itself!

Anyway after having conquered the Dundas Peak we stopped over at the look out stations watching the Tews falls. Me and my husband decided to leave the kids with the bro and to try and venture a bit closer to where the falls were.

What followed was a revelation of sorts, and an unforgettable experience. We walked along side the small creek and decided to step in the shallow stretch that led to the head of the fall. The ground under the flowing water was all covered with moss and a little slippery but we just walked along. And guess what reached the head of the falls, the view just simply opened up and from that vantage point we could see my bro and the 2 kids at the lookout. We were standing right at the edge from where the 41 meter long fall was falling so to say. My brother got a bit frantic because when you saw from where he was, it sure looked frightening. We beckoned out to him and he reached the banks along with the 2 imps. The walk was so comfortable that we decided on taking the kids to the head too and sure they joined in the adventure. It was beautiful. It was awesome. It was incredible. 


Check out the unbelievable pictures that speak volumes more than the words. For more pics click here and in the meantime watch this Smile

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