Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hot Wheels & Pit Stops

No trophy for guessing that this is a post about the Formula 1 Racing. Yup, yours truly had the privilege to being one of the advantaged few to witness the historic win of Vettle, (he became the youngest four-time world champion), in person from a vantage point. Before you jump to the conclusion that I am bragging, well partially I am, it isn’t everyday that I get to experience F1 races up close and personal from the sponsor’s Airtel’s lounge. So let me start from the beginning, when the heart almost took a somersault on receiving the invitation. 
On Sunday me and husband left early to catch the pit walk and reach the venue before the crowds really started pouring in. We were led into the Paddock Club lounge by the gracious hostess and handed over the days schedule, wi-fi access cards and earplugs. This is exclusive seating with many privileges, of which pit stop walks and access to top notch hospitality is the star. First things first, we decided to go  for the pit walk and were totally awed by what we saw. The names of the racers that we had only read about were blazing on the stands and we were standing right there in front of their garages and teams. One was as excited as well to use a cliché a child in the candy store.
Ofcourse photo shooting happened and at almost all the stops. Walking along side were Vijay Mallaya, Sahara’s Subroto Roy, Vir Sanghvi, Deepa Malik, Gulshan Grover and so many more frequently spotted on Page 3.
In the true Delhi style of celebration there was a bhangra performance that took place right there. True you can never take Dilli out of a Delhiite, doesn’t matter that they belong to the caviar and champagne league.
And yes, that was freely flowing too in the lounge. The extraordinary hospitality was well….extraordinary. Free flowing choicest wines paired with prawns, chicken, and other select stuff on the menu served with as much style and much much more.
To be very frank I hardly follow this game or its rules, but the excitement around, the energy and the vibes were palpable and pulsating. The adrenaline flowing as much as the wines. One could hear excited and animated chatter all around. There are many laps in a Formula 1 and it can take over 90 minutes, but the starting of the game deserves unwavering attention. The rev of the engine, the high decible sounds and the zoom of the cars leaves no one untouched, followers or not. That moment is breathtaking, its like now you see them and now you don’t, a blink of an eye and you missed it. After a couple of laps however one kind of gets used to the sameness and if you are like me, walk back to the comfort of the air-conditioning in the lounge and watch some laps on the huge screens. The friction and the speed, the smell of burnt tyres and the ease and quick that the tyres get replaced with new ones make you realise the value of a split second and how it really can be life changing. Well after a drink or two you do get philosophical isn’t it?
As the race approached the last couple of laps we sauntered on the terrace again. This time to witness the euphoria of the win. Vettle did a circular trance like couple of zooms after the win, almost like the sufi dervish. The tyres of course burnt and fumes rose as more bubbly popped and was showered on the media and others who were close enough on the track to share his win.
Next year it may not be. But the memories etched are forever, aren’t they. And especially if they are made of such awesome experience isn’t it?
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Sea that Melts into the Horizon


It is actually amusing how the mind wanders and how memories deeply stowed away in the recesses of mind tumble out at the slightest provocation. An article in TOI triggered the memory of a beautiful surreal vacation that I took as a young girl in class XII with my parents and brother. Papa was posted in Barrackpore Cantt near Kolkatta and we all decided to take a small break and venture out to Chandipur-on-sea in Odisha near Balasore. He planned it because he wanted to show us DRDO’s testing range It is from here that many a missiles have been launched. We were booked to stay in the DRDO’s guest house right by the shore. Little did we know that we were in for a surprise when the sea, yes the sea, did a disappearing act.

At that time, this is more than 2 decades back, now now don’t start calculating my age Winking smile this was a very quaint little town and I remember I had run out of my camera roll and couldn’t even find any around the shops here. That explains the lack of pics in the post scanned or otherwise.

At night we went strolling on the well kept and manicured lawn terrace that overlooked the sea and watched the sea lapping up its waves till the shore. We chatted and heard the sounds of the sea and generally soaked up in the peaceful environment before calling it a night.

In the morning post breakfast we decided to walk to the terrace again to greet the morning sea and we were in for a shock. Where is the sea? Yes we were sure we saw it last night and left it right there before retiring. But surprises of surprises there wasn’t a drop on the sea bed and me and bro were out of our wits since we hadnt heard any of this and were absolutely unprepared for the sight. On asking the guard “bhaiya” there we got to know that this is normal, huh, the sea here recedes each day almost upto 5 kms and then comes back again. Yes we had heard about high and low tides but this was amazing and absolutely unbelievable had we not seen it our selves. The guard told us maybe we could take a walk into the horizon and go look for the sea. To that suggestion we jumped and as excited kids started our walk, a walk that was almost a km long and no trace of the sea. Mom sat on the terrace and watched us through binoculars, and after a point starting waving at us frantically since she was scared. All we could spot was the endless horizon spreading in front of us with no sight and sound of the sea.

It was a beautiful place, a lovely vacation and an amazing experience…all of it deeply entrenched as fond memories of a carefree childhood. Ahh I hope I had a digi camera in those days to capture it for posterity but all I have is stories unlimited for my grandchildren. Thank you papa and mommy for providing us with an abundant beautiful childhood filled with love and joy. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Navratris Jaise Bhi


Celebrations and festivals are a few of the things that bind us all with a thread of unity. Though there does exist a cultural and traditional divide between the rituals and festivals of North and South India, Navratris is one festival that is celebrated all over. All across the length and breadth of the country; the flavors are different, methods are varied, rituals are diverse but celebration time it is. Hindus are one of the few that believe in and revere the feminine principle like no other religion. This festival is dedicated to the goddess, the mother, the feminine divine.

Navratis mean different things to different age groups and castes. While in North India the most predominant method is by observing fasts through the seven or eight days with kanjak celebration on ashtami or navami. For Bengalis, the last four days is the biggest festival with them decking up the pandals innovatively with use of a multitude of materials, feasting, indulging in pandal hopping, sindoor khela and dhak competitions. It is a community celebrations for Bengalis with no abstinence on either veg or non-veg food. Infact since I am an army product, at one of the sendoff parties when my mom wasn’t even eating regular veg food, this aunt was drinking alcohol and even enjoying her piece of chicken, she told us they belong to a community in Rajasthan where even the poorest of poor will eat non veg during these days since they worship the Shakti roopa of the Goddess, it sounded so cool at that time. Ah and how can we forget the famous dandiya dance that all the soaps on the TV are celebrating with fervor. By the way the farm house parties even arrange for Dandiya competitions for couples with vrat ka khanaa on the side even in saddi Dilli. Gujaratis and Mumbaikars are big on Dandiya and Garba during the season, film stars and celebrity singers perform at various functions throughout India and even abroad especially in US, Canada and UK.

In South of India people set up idols and dolls in several tiers or padis a customary ritual during navratris it is observed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In the evening when people visit the homes where Golu is sthapit they are sent off with Prasadam. It is kept for 9 days and packed up on the 10th on Vijaydashmi.

Dussara in Mysore is celebrated with a big pomp and show. During the nine days leading up to Dusshera Mysore city is decked up as a bride and various tourists from around the world throng the city to watch the beauty and soak in the revelry. This is one royal experience for sure. Various cultural shows are performed in front of the illuminated Palace. Dasara celebrations commence with a pooja performed to Goddess Chamundeshwari atop the Chamundi Hills with the presence of the Wodeyar royal couple, and state officials. On tenth day of Dasara, a grand Procession (Jamboo Savari) starts from the palace after the royal couple worship the idol. The main attraction of the Dasara procession this year 2013 will be the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari which is carried in a Golden howdah weighing over 750 kgs on top of an elephant. The procession consists of dancers, musical bands belonging to State Police, Folk dancers, decorated elephants, horses and camels. Colorful tableaux created by different State organisations too form an integral part of the procession.

Keralites mark this period with worshipping of the book during the last 3 days. This period is celebrated as Sarasvati poojan period. On Vijaya Dashami day, the books are ceremoniously taken out for reading and writing after worshiping Sarasvati. Vijaya Dashami day is considered auspicious for initiating the children into writing and reading, which is called Vidyarambham. Tens of thousands of children are initiated into the world of letters on this day in Kerala.

This is also a time for shopping and auspicious beginnings, of rokas and weddings, of buying new cars and those sone ke haars. A great time for both publishers and advertisers, a time when corporates do maximum business and a time when consumers reap maximum benefits. No one remains untouched with the fervor and the festivities in the air just like that slight nip of cold. So whatever suits you fasting or feasting, dancing or buying, praying or meditating….just keep the faith, take a deep breath, bless the world and before I forget, raise your arms and scream out loud JAI MATA DI !!

How do you intend to celebrate these nine?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut

This is an appalling experience that I had at the petrol station that I frequent. A couple of times before also I have felt that arre the indicator is hardly risen even after fuelling and have invariably blamed it on the ever rising petrol prices and soon forgotten about it the minute I have left the station. I have always been confident that I did check the zero before fuelling and the amount on the credit slip; 2 most important rules at the station.
Today however has changed it all. I gave my card and asked the guy to fill the petrol for Rs.700. To expedite the process as we are all in rush early morning, I glanced over checked zero, gave my nod and my credit card to the other attendant. The attendant came and stood next to my driving window almost blocking my view of the dispensing tank. I thought he wanted to swipe in front of me. I just glanced over my shoulder and looked back and saw this really weird and odd occurrence. The guy who was fuelling my car left my car, came over to the tank, stopped the dispense at Rs 508.58 and punched in Rs 700 on the key pad and that is what started reflecting on the screen. In that split of a second I jumped out of the car and told the guy swiping my card what the hell is happening I saw the reading as Rs 508 and then Rs 700. The guy instead of listening to me properly went on to punch the amount of Rs 700 and I told him to stop it else I wont sign. He stopped and I screamed to another fellow “whats going on?” he came and told me the most revealing thing he said “mam the last transaction will show up, don’t worry” but obviously he punched in something and the display including the price and petrol, was Rs 508. I was aghast at whatever was going on. It is then that he told me that the last transaction displays not only the amount but also the liters that have been dispensed. The 3rd attendant that had rushed to me when I was screaming told me that there was a problem in the tank and that the guy fuelling had told him. I re-screamed why I wasn’t told. But anyways I paid Rs 508 and drove off. Only to thank my stars that I looked back at the right moment, else I would have been taken for a royal ride.
I did not have enough time to fight with the manager and was shocked at what happened and I wonder how many times I had been fooled like this, and to think that I am a smart consumer. Bloody hell. This is a lesson that we should be more careful and responsible. The said petrol pump is Indian Oil’s Khyber Service Station, Panchsheel Enclave on BRT in Delhi.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Waterfall near Shimla

This summers when we stayed in Shimla, our main agenda was to explore and discover new terrains by trekking or by driving. So when someone told us that there is a “real waterfall” nearby in a place called Shaddi around 8 kms down from Koti Resorts, we decided to check it out.
My son was very excited at the prospect of a waterfall in the midst of the mountains. Packed the car with munchies and started off, the journey in itself was awe inspiring and gaping-worthy. Beautiful peaks lit with brilliant glistening sunshine, majestic pine trees sprouting fresh cones, butterflies strutting around as if they owned the place, a single car or jeep passing by as leisurely, Ahh the times of no traffic chaos and us in no hurry to reach anywhere or looking at the watch time and again, just the serene cool crisp mountain air,windows rolled down a feat unimaginable in Delhi. On the way down we caught many sites of step farming, a quaint little mandir, a shepherd and obviously many monkeys doing what they do best; monkeying around. Whoever said joy is in the journey must have traveled mindfully focusing on the moment and happiness derived from it.
Soon on crossing the bend we reached THE waterfall. It was “so small” like the son put it since I think mentally he was expecting a distant cousin of Niagra or the Tews falls that he has been to and had a reference of. Small it was but disappointing it wasn’t, and it was as private as it could get since we were the only people around. A bit of crossing over the slippery boulders and getting feet and hands wet did the trick for my son and frankly us too, at that time seemed like we were all kids, flowing gushing water does have that effect on boring grown ups too, the mischievous child within awakens and wants to splash and get splashed.
But like all good things have to come to an end, on a philosophical note thankfully all the bad ones too have an ending. Infact my mantra for life remains “this too shall pass”, we bid our goodbyes to this short rejuvenating and memorable sojourn too.

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Wah Puttar Wah!


So, my son had a class activity in which he was to develop a story out of a sentence given by the teacher. Today when he got back and showed me his “fantastical” tale, I felt like the quintessential Bollywood Maa, over-happy, over-joyed, over excited basically over-reaction(after all I am SRK’s biggest, truest and loyalest fan na), and decided to share it with my blogger friends, his nani, dadi, didi, mamu, mami….yeah you got it ….the world. So here goes, the first sentence is by the teacher.

Footsteps Behind Me

I was walking down the road when suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly turned to see who it was but I could see nobody only the empty road behind me. I started to walk again thinking it was my imagination but I kept hearing the footsteps and everytime I turned there was nobody. Suddenly I had an idea I walked in a puddle of mud and continued walking, when I heard the footsteps again, I spun around and lo behold there were tiny footprints like an elf walking. I tried to catch him but he dodged and ran inside the woods. As a rule I wasn’t allowed in the woods, but I ran and started following the elf. He soon arrived at a tiny little cute cottage. He went in and I thought i  heard him murmur something like Home Sweet……Home. I peeped inside from the window and saw a most amazing sight. The little elf removed his hat and I saw the tiniest person I had ever seen. He started eating food and I heard his wife call him TinyMick. It was getting late and I thought I would come back tomorrow to talk to him and ask him about the following me business. When I returned the next day there was nobody there.It looked as if TinyMick and his house had disappeared into thin air. I never saw him or his tiny house again.

By Arnaav Bellani, Grade VI

The story is reproduced warts and all, absolutely unedited. Now please clap your hands and write in some equally adorable comments.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Yeh Kaun Chitrakaar Hai

Just like truth is sometimes stranger than fiction; nature at times reveals views even more dreamy than Van Gogh's Starry Nights. Words cant contain the moment but a photograph can. Some shots that i took    in an attempt to capture nature in its glorious and vivid hues.
Sinduri Shaam 

Angels or Clouds 

Glistening Snow Capped Range 

Nature doesn't ever cease to surprise, isn't it? And like Mom loves to quote "prabhi ki maya kahin dhoop kahin chaya."

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yeh Pagdandi aur Yeh Raasta

Shimla has a special place in our collective hearts, always a chance revisit to many old beautiful memories and an opportunity to create some more. It is almost like an “annual pilgrimage” as some of my friends like to call my trip to Shimla.
Last Oct we had stayed at the beautiful Koti Resort and this time too unanimously voted for the same. Our 11 year old loves to trek and is totally enamored by the word “pagdandi” (Hindi for narrow foot trails). On asking for trek options, someone from the resort told us that the trek upto the state owned “Apple Institute” as the Regional Horticultural Research Institute is popularly called, is worth it not only for its educational value but also for the panoramic view of the mountains. On checking how far would it be and if it is a easy walk we were told “15 mins”.
Post a hearty breakfast we packed our backpack with bottles of water, took the wooden cane to shoo off the monkeys just in case, tied those shoe laces tight and off we went. Initially we were very excited and posed for pictures at every spot, raved about the pine trees, stopped for the valley views and generally sang along. Soon though we were gasping, panting city dwellers with lazy and unexercised bones. A couple of locals passed by effortlessly and obviously much faster and definitely without the gear we were lugging around. At that time we felt like solar powered Reva racing against the Ferraris that zip past. On checking with a local guy “bhaiya kitni door?” we were told “bus ji yeh raha, paanch minute.” That worked like a balm on our frayed jangled nerves. We rebooted and started the climb up again with “jai mata di” motivational chants.
10 minutes – 15 minutes the lad kept looking at the watch and repeating “Mommy bhaiya ne paanch minute kaha tha…kab ayegaa?” and I was like huff puff “aa gya bus jai mata di”. A grueling 10 more minutes we finally reached the destination Apple Insititute. Yayyyy we did it!!!
Lesson Learnt: The “pahari” locals are really like mountain goats and the terrain that comes effortlessly to them is quite a task for us lazy bums!
The trek was really worth it, the apple trees were laden with unripe fruit hanging in bunches and looking as tempting as they would have to Adam and Eve. Flowers were in full bloom and in profusion of colors, a small green house had a variety of flowers that are so typical of colder climes. A small museum showcases the historical perspective and pictures of some of the wide varieties of apples that were planted here along with their characteristics and provides for a quick and interesting read. The first floor museum also preserves some of the specimens of butterflies found in the region as also the pests that plague the plantations at times.
Fortunately the trek back was easy as it was all downhill. When we reached the resort the husband cheekily took out his pedometer and announced that we had done 7kms trek. I fainted!! You would too if you knew that I drive up to the park for my evening walk (yeah I do).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baagon Main Bahar Hai

On the recent trip to Koti Resort a little ahead of Shimla, captured these beautiful butterfly angels busy with their business of living and spreading cheer. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surajkund Mela

Post dair se hai magar durust hai

So well if I try to think of a reason for the delay in the post I have none but sheer laziness. Anyways had been planning and planning since past couple of melas to go and visit but for the lack of company, scare of parking and thronging crowds could not gather enough gumption for the get up and go. However this year it was very high on the bucket list and idea became reality when a friend encouragingly said “chalo chalo”. The wisest thing we did was to start early and I mean like really early at 10.00 am. It was another thing that we had to return by 2pm to pick up kids from school. We got a great parking, shorter queues at the counter and better views inside. By the time it was time for us to leave we were tired but panting for more. However we had to leave …kids at school remember!! Note to Self: Next time Again Definitely.

There isn’t much to write about in this post but loads to see around. The burst of colours everywhere, the sun kist glory of spring and the breaking into a jig every now and then by the traditional artists….the mela has something for everyone. Though I wont recommend going with small children. On our way out we faced a sea of humanity and the crowds had swelled up beyond expectations. We did a good job though, a shooter friend (and I don’t mean just shooting with the camera she’s a real national level shooter ahem ahem!! collars up) was trigger happy and amongst the two of us we have thousands of vignettes to share. So here goes:


Chariot from Hampi replicated


Craftsman at work

DSC06700dhokra art





DSC06768                         DSC06769                                   


DSC06744Studious Ganapati




If you are still hungry for more colours and drama click here to view more photographs

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Like a kid in a toy store: Hamley’s Tour


OK so Hamley’s have opened in India and they are promoting it with noticeably full page spreads in your newspaper cant miss it kind of advertisements. The brouhaha on the fb pages is unmistakable too. We didn’t remain untouched, how could we? Post lunch at the Big Chill, Dlf Saket Mall, we a couple of mommies decided to visit the store to check bhai after all maazra kya hai? Aisi bhi kya baat hai?

The moment we were facing the façade of the store spread on two floors we were floored too (sorry for the pj but couldn’t resist). Anyhow out came the arsenal (in this case a camera) and the shooting started.


Once inside we were squealing like young kids with many oohs and aahs thrown in. Gosh were these guys sleeping when we were kids? Teddy bears, angry birds, Tom and Jerry and many other soft toys in all shapes and sizes all around us on the shelves at the counters and almost everywhere. While the ground floor was stuffed with stuff toys (again I think it’s a good day for pjs), the first level was full of educational toys right from Lego to Meccano to Hot Wheels to Frank, you name it they have it. We were actually a confused lot of mommies who didn’t know where to look and actually devising strategies as to where to lead the kids when they accompany us. It seemed that husbands will be left much poorer after our shopping trip there.


You think a toy and they have it. It’s a beautifully done up store though I wish that the Lego stand that jutts out was removed, it hurt when one of us unknowingly walked into it. They have set the bar high. Though I get discounts from my neighborhood toy store I think once in a while I will forego that just for experience sake and that says a lot since I am very typically Dilliwali “bhaiya ji kuch toh theek laga lo” mentality. Sigh!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Art Shart at the India Art Fair 2013



Art means many things to many people and why should it not? After all art is a dialogue between self and the art. I do not ascribe to the notion that art only adorns the wall or vacant spaces, it can be the way you apply your bindi, drape the sari or place the vase on your coffee table. It is what you think it is. Art is for everyone and everyone is for art is my mantra. You have the eye the world provides you with a perspective.

I had heard and read a lot about the previous 4 editions of the art fair, so when I got a chance to visit this year I jumped at the offer. Organised at the NSIC Exhibition grounds in Okhla it is just about 15 minutes drive from home. Spread over 3 spacious halls, the art fair saw participation from 105 art galleries from 24 countries. The fair had something for everyone; right from the art critic to the collectors and for those like me that had visited purely for visual sensory pleasure. Once inside, my situation was well like the Alice in Wonderland surrounded by 1000s of paintings, sculptures and installation and digital art. At times I could not make up my mind if this is better than that and if I should look here or there!!




An installation by Hardik Dikshit called Arise is one that I found intriguingly interesting. Lamenting the loss of Gandhi’s ideals to commercialism his visiting card depicted a Rs500 bill featuring Dandi march without Gandhi and a sculpture rising above a mound of sea salt.











Delhi 7 trunk installation by Paresh Maity a major crowd puller depicted seven cities of Delhi.







Among the usual suspects like M.F.Husain, Jamini Roy, SH Raza, Souza, Satish Gujral, B.Prabha, Manjit Bawa, Subodh Gupta,Paresh Maity were also new emerging artists promoted by galleries. Mostly awe inspiring art, some by its sheer beauty others by magnitude and scale. There were some really enigmatic kind of art that I could not understand, maybe more trips down the years and knowledge of the artist would enlighten me, who knows. It was a gainful experience and totally worth it.

Well as usual I clicked many pictures and leave it to you to decide what is your definition of art. Click here for a tour of the fair.

Balle Balle ..Davis Cup


Leander Paes in Action

A chance sighting of the poster on distribution of tickets for the Davis Cup match inspired me into picking up tickets for my, much interested and being coached for tennis, son. He is coaching for tennis and displays a natural flair for the game. On the appointed day (2nd February 2013) jostling major jams and son’s increasing with each traffic light anxiety, we finally made it to the venue R.K.Khanna Stadium in Delhi. Another challenge was to look for a parking spot which as in most parts of the city is at premium.

DSC06559Once inside the venue the atmosphere was electric and son was ecstatic to see Leander Paes in action. (We had gone for men’s double, India Vs Korea.) In between the winning shots by team India the crowds there was boisterous play of the dhol and the bhangra. Also giving dhol company were gongs, chants of “jeetaega bhai jeetaega India jeetaega”, a DJ belting out Chak De India song from the popular SRK starrer and tri color being waved by the audiences. And yes, while there we spotted Shotgun too. DSC06554


Though I don’t understand too much of the game the energy was infectious and the fact that we were winning was in itself a big high. My son thoroughly enjoyed one of his fav sportsperson game and we all came out with hoarse throats and a lifetime of memories. I dutifully clicked many pictures to share on my blog, so just click here for more.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Poetry in Sang-e-marmar–Taj Mahal


There was a song that I remember the lyrics of which went by “jeevan mein ek baar aana Singapore” but truly if you ask me I will sing it like “jeevan mein ek baar aana Taj Mahal”. Reams have been written extolling the architectural marvel and the undying love of an emperor for his begum; but nothing compares to the moment when you see it for yourself. It is on the map of every foreign tourist worth his/her salt to India and on the list of Indians alike. It is crowded yet stands apart and despite the jostling each and every visitor has a unique dialogue with the awesomeness that is Taj. Myths and lore that abound adds to its mystery.

One foggy wintry day we too decided to make that 1 day trip to Agra, the motivation being the nephew from sadda Canada. Though still in grade four he is fascinated with buildings and architectural details and is our in-house Lego master. So obviously Taj was on his radar when he came to India and his sole request to his grandparents who were willing to indulge in every possible way. Though it is said that the Yamuna expressway is quicker we were travelling from west Delhi so didn’t take it. It took many hours on the road to reach Taj and we didn’t get time to do or see anything else; no not even the neighboring fort and reached back home post midnight but well it was all worth the effort.DSC05989

DSC06033From the parking we took camel cart to reach the Taj Mahal. Kids were super excited and loved every minute of it, the detail that they noted was the diaper the camel wore, ripples of laughter set the tone for the day. From getting various “smart angle” photographs done to “wow”ing at each and every detail right from the floor pattern to the chandelier given by Lord Curzon to the char bagh patterned gardens and the dream of a black Taj harbored by the emperor as also mulling over the absence of Yamuna river to the increase in pollution levels we did it all.

It was a good trip is to say the least, I wish we had more time to explore the other monuments including the Akbar ka makbara (tomb) in the suburbs, but like my bro said “Taj is Taj”.

For more pics click here

Did You Know: The entire Taj Mahal is perfectly symmetrical and at the central axis lies the grave of Mumtaz Mahal, however, the irony is that the only element out of symmetry is the grave of the emperor himself!!