Sunday, November 4, 2012

Of vermillion skies and room with a view…… Koti Resorts

Nestled among the Himalayas a couple of kilometers ahead of Shimla, as you drive up and past the sleepy town of Mashobra, just off the road nestled among pine trees on one hand and the picturesque valley is Koti Resorts. When I sit and think I realize my family is both sea and mountain people, so when the Himalayas beckoned off we went.
For the second time I took the chance of booking online, the first time was for Bali and wasn’t a very pleasing experience per my ultra-finicky and choosy husband and child. My searching for a resort in Mashobra led me to the website of Koti Resorts followed up by my calls to the ever-patient and helpful owner of the place Yatin in Delhi. I booked a Deluxe room for the 3 of us that included breakfast, evening snacks and dinner. At the last minute the evening before we set off I realized that since it was an hill station the room will not have a refrigerator that I desperately needed for the safe-keep of my medicines. I called up Yatin and he promised to help putting my upset-self at ease.
New Improved Highway 
The highway has had a makeover since we last went to Shimla in 2010 and with the construction of many by-passes we literally zoomed and reached the resort in under 8 hours from Delhi.
Koti Resort 
The winding secluded road that reached the resort was charming and quaint in its own sense, but when we reached the resort my heart sank a little.  The resort at that hour looked deserted and trust me I am scared of deserted resorts or restaurants however much they have been advertised and talked about. Doesn’t mean I like standing in the queue for food, but you know what I mean! We approached the reception with a doubtful me and open-minded husband. We were greeted by the gentle and helpful Mr. Arya the GM of Koti Resort and he was aware of my request for a fridge and informed me that we have been upgraded to a Premium room that is equipped with one. I was happy to hear that and as if to dispel my doubts he added that they had a huge group check-out in the morning and are preparing for another huger check-in tomorrow. Post the formal pleasurable chit-chat we moved on to check into the room.
Room with a View 
we were led to room 701, and the moment the room was opened it was like “WOW”, yes in caps, within quotes and bold. Gosh the room with the view had an almost 180 deg view with two corner walls almost all of glass and with a majestic view of the mountains. At that moment all the doubts went off those glass windows, never to return all of the stay. My husband fell in love with the room (not me *rolling eyes*) and my child, used to rate everything on a scale of 10, gave it a big 10. He squealed, “Mama even the bathroom has a view, and look jacuzzi”. Well well and thank the lord I kind of puffed up for the right choice that I had finally made. DSC08034
Fit for a King 
Next came in the niggling doubt (I am a doubter!! trust the Scorpion personality), oh and by the way what if the evening cocktail snacks are just Haldiram bhujiya or some stuff like that? Ouch and more Ouch). However on checking with the room service we were told it will be tanduri chicken, chilli chicken, paneer tikka etc…..whoops I was transported to snack heaven already.
We stayed at Koti Resorts for 4 days and each day was more beautiful than the last. Service at the resort was prompt and very friendly. We used to have our breakfasts (of puri bhaji, omelets and more) in the sun-lit lawn and dinner in front of the warm glow of the heater in the room while watching a movie, it was too cold to step out and the effort of dressing up was saved as well. We pigged out really while at the resort, what with that heavy a breakfast a relatively lighter lunch soon followed by chilled beers and cocktail snack platter of kebabs and then dinner including daal, butter chicken, paneer and dessert. Gosh! I feel ravenous all over just talking about it.
And yes, though the resort got bustling with a huger check-in of the students from AIESEC, over 200 students, the service to us was impeccable and worth mentioning. 
Sunrise from the room 
The moonlight filtering in my room at 3am was divine and in the morning I used to wake up at 5.30am to see a glimpse of the rising sun through my huge picture windows from the comfort of my quilt, the sky used to take on an artistic vermillion hue with all shades of red and orange from beyond the mountains, the feeling just can not be put in words. It was like the canvas of sky dripping in brilliant colours by God the artist. Divinity surrounded us in the form of nature, pine forests, pristine blue skies, beautiful walking trails that we hiked on each day to explore and gawk on something new each time. We collected some pine cones and a whole lot of lifetime of memories.
Will we go back? You bet we will….and this time Room No 701 will be booked by choice Smile 
For some more pics

Monday, October 29, 2012

My glass is overflowing....with God's Grace

Some moments are simply magical. There is divinity all around us if we choose to see it. Captured this pic from the resort at Shimla. Beautiful and beatific isn't it?

Glass full of clouds, pine trees and water 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Truly one has used the phrase many times and in common vocabulary, but before yesterday i did not know its meaning and to be very frank never once did ponder over it. It is so much woven into the language that never really bothered to check its origin, meaning and the rest of it. 
Yesterday i went for Pranic healing group meditation that was organised by  MCKS Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust New Delhi. To say that the meditation was amazing and the energies beautiful is to say the least. 

It is there that i learnt that if there are 2 full moon nights in a month, the second one is called "blue moon". Amazing isn't it? And the phenomenon does occur once in a blue moon. The next one is in 2015 we were told.

Did you know this?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai…An Exclusive interview with Rishi Vohra


A city shapes us or do we build them up? The character of a city and its citizens are inextricably intertwined just as our fate and destiny. So when a city plays an important role in a book or a movie, it is not surprising. And a city that has shaped and shattered many a dreams, a city that has an underbelly as strong as its 6-pack abs, a city of love and deceit, a city of private helipads and of the “Mumbai local” tracks and above all a city that bounces back each time, a city that has an indefatigable spirit. Yes, Mumbai is a central character in the love story of Babloo and Vandana in Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai, a debut novel by Rishi Vohra.


Promising to be a heady treat replete with its shares of twists and turns, romance,action, and a surprise ending the story has echoes of a Bollywood masala flick. Infact don’t be surprised if very soon Rishi gets hounded by producers and directors alike. He has had a successful stint in the Entertainment industry and knows the pulse of his audience well.

Rightly said you can take a man out of Mumbai but you cannot take Mumbai out of a man, sure rings true for Rishi. The city has left an indelible mark on the psyche of Rishi, and he keeps coming back to its fold time and again. Rishi Vohra again recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law.

Lets hear it from the man himself as to what drives and motivates him and what is it that he finds so intriguing about the city. Excerpts from an Exclusive Interview:

1. Congrats Rishi, tell us how do you feel now that you’re getting published?

Thanks Anubha! It feels great!

People usually dream of getting published. But my dream was just to write a novel. I wrote this book in 2006, in Berkeley, California. At the time, I didn’t even think of pushing this book for publication. It was just a story that I wanted to tell and put on paper. I had been writing a lot before that – newspaper columns, articles, scripts etc. And I have always been reading a lot. But this was quite a different experience, and required a lot of time and hard work. I feel like I have accomplished something since this is the first novel I wrote and people are waiting to read it. Jaico is more excited about the book than I am, which really boosts my confidence.

2. So what has been your driving force?

My driving force to write – I don’t know. It is something that comes effortless to me. I love visualizing, listening, writing stories. Working in the TV and film industry helped me explore my creative side. I feel that writing is just another medium to express oneself.

My driving force to getting published is the amount of rejections I got for my manuscript. See Anubha, when I wrote this book in 2006 I was in the San Francisco area, it was 500 pages. I pushed it for publication in the US and Europe, and got rejection letters from all the literary agents and publishing companies I wrote to. I think I must have collected a stack of close to 150 rejection letters! I reached a point where I wanted to know what was wrong with my book. I asked one literary agent, the last rejection letter I received, for her honest feedback. Coincidently, she was familiar with India and the emerging popularity of mass fiction here. She explained to me that my book wasn’t written with Western sensibilities, which is essential for a Western audience. She had read Indian mass fiction and saw a potential for this book in that market. Among other things, she advised me to rewrite the book in very simple English keeping the masses in mind, and then push the book for publication in India. On her advice, I rewrote the entire book in 2011, cutting the length down to half (to roughly 250 pages) and pushed it for publication. Had I not got so many rejection letters over the years, I wouldn’t have thought of getting it published. Of course, I had also given the book to a few close friends and family and they loved the book. They also told me that I had a unique book in hand that I should look at getting published, but it’s the rejection letters that propelled me.

4. What is it about Mumbai that inspires you so much, I mean the city plays such an important role in this novel. It isn’t like this could have been set anywhere.

This particular book could only be set in Mumbai because it revolves around the Mumbai railway tracks, local trains, and other unique aspects of the city.

The fascinating part of this city is that every street has a history to it. There’s a story around every corner. This is one city where every third person has come from some other place in search of better opportunities, and his or her struggle is unique in its own way.

Mumbai is where I grew up. So it’s the city I call home and have a strong connection with. The city inspires everyone who comes here, that’s why they rarely go back. It welcomes you, gives you a home, a profession, and a sense of belonging. I grew up here, so my connect with the city is even stronger.

It’s like the way you feel about Delhi, Anubha. There’s a certain sense of emotional security that a place gives you.

5. Who is your favorite Indian author?

My favourite Indian author is Vikram Chandra. I happened to meet him in Berkeley in 2008, at his book reading for Sacred Games. It was nice talking to him and I felt fortunate that I got to put a face to the name. How many people actually get to meet their favourite authors?

6. A novel that starts with “Once Upon…” will it have a “happily ever after…” Does your story too has a fairy tale kind of flavor.

Anubha, I believe in happy endings. Everyone in life should get what they want. And if you want something from your heart and for the right reasons, it has to come to you.

The main character, Babloo, has psychological disorders. That makes him devoid of logic and a sense of reasoning, typical of normal adults. He is made fun of, neglected, and feels a sense of loneliness and hopelessness in his life. This book is not a fairy tale, but a drama. And in dramas, anything can happen – be it good or bad!

7. What’s your advice for my fellow bloggers who dream of getting published one day?

Keep writing! Getting published is very difficult, but not impossible. And it’s not just a dream, but requires a huge effort from the writer’s side. You may get rejection letters, but if you have a good book, you will definitely find a publisher. You just have to keep trying.

In India, nonfiction sells more than fiction. So if you’re writing nonfiction, you need to be somewhat of an expert on the subject (proven through your credentials) and you shouldn’t have a problem in finding a publisher.

There are a lot of fiction writers out there. And just because you’re a good writer, doesn’t necessarily make you a good story-teller. So write a fiction, only when you have a story to tell. That will make it much easier and make you more appealing as a writer. Of course, don’t hide your book as the next ‘masterpiece’ and let it collect dust on the shelf! Share it with close ones who you can trust with honest feedback. These are the people who are going to buy your book so their opinions matter! The criticism might hurt in the beginning, but it will steer you in the write direction!


Thank you so much Rishi, On behalf of Random Musings I wish you well, and yes don’t forget to sign my copy. Smile

Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai is published by Jaico and will soon hit the stands in September.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Baarish ka bahana hai

Starved for a good bout of rains in saddi Dilli, we had all been petitioning dear indra devta and hoping our prayers will be heard. Finally he relented and when it rained by Indra it poured. Some moons, infact many moons ago when I was dating my-now husband I used to make bahanas to meet him and off we used to go on long bike rides without a care in the world. Sigh, those were the days when potholes on the roads didn't matter and time wasn’t a rare commodity. However the tide has turned now and rains means delays especially the traffic jam types. So I was infact quite happy that he was travelling today and won’t have to go through the torture of driving and reaching Gurgaon after a struggle of 3 to 4 hours jostling and being jostled in the jam. So much for romance!!
But still kya karein ab baarish toh baarish hai na, brings out the inner child, that wants to dance in the rain, float innumerable boats, jump in the puddles and after a clean up craves for ma ke haath ke pakore-chai or alu-puri.
Though I was alone at home, when inspiration strikes it strikes. Have done this for the first time ever, cooked an indulgent meal just for me and me alone. Had alu-puri with chai sitting out on my patio and listening to the sound of rains.
Felt so good and blessed. True, we are all busy but sometimes it is good to do things for self, and I am seriously talking to all those mums, wives, career women and homemakers who put family’s needs first each and every time. Trust me sometimes seize the moment and make it yours. Feels like Heaven. Don’t they say “You live only once!”

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mumbai se aaya mera dost….


well not really….she’s moved back to Delhi now but this seemed like the purrfect title so there. Anyway so when the friend, husband’s batch mate from MBA called up we decided to catch up at our home (previously and famously known as the “adda”) for dinner. Now, comes the difficult part as she put the spanner in my typically punju menu. She wanted me to keep the dinner menu light. huh? Oh ji koi dinner shinner hota hai kya maa ki daal aur butter chicken ke bina…..ok rajma? no no that’s heavy too…This gave rise to the BIGGEST challenge of them all, “kya banao” Trust me it is a challenge and a question I struggle with before each mealtime. Cooking is easy but deciding well that’s another worldly story in itself.

So now here is when I thought of taking husbands opinion. I shouldn’t have. Anyway he was pouring over boring tax papers and answered with a question, “So WHAT in the world is the definition of light food?” I told him well in my dictionary it is “ghiya, tinda, touri…” and he was like “OK Cool so I am eating heavy!!” Wow what help.

Anyways after racking my brains I decided on grilled garlic and pepper chicken, tuna salad, focaccia and some Zingo rice. You decide whether this is light dinner or not? Cause punjabiyon ki definition of light food remains much questionable. Veering from the topic once my son told my mom “Nani aaj light dinner kartae hain” On asking indulgently what he will like to eat, she was told “samosa and bread”. That doesn’t say much about our capabilities of judging a light meal from heavy now, does it?


Toh Khaanae main yeh tha…..

Recipe Desk

Tuna Salad

inspired by the recipe from another dear friend Nina Saxena.


2 cans tuna

around 3tbsp balsamic vinegar mixed with 2 tbsp EVOO and some oregano

a cup of diced red apple

walnuts chopped roughly

small head of iceberg lettuce

salt, pepper and two dashes of Tabasco red

I had kept everything ready in the fridge with the lettuce and apple dunked in chilled water.Just before serving toss in a bowl and serve. Simple light and tasty without the confusion of too many flavors.



Zingo Rice


Named thus, as I use Zingo, the garlic chilli sauce, by Delmonte.

Some chopped onions, sweet corn, mushrooms, sausages cooked and chopped, red and green peppers. Boiled rice.

in a tbsp olive oil sauté onions, add sliced mushrooms and when they leave water add peppers to light cook them if you don’t like their crunch. Top with loads of freshly ground black pepper and salt according to your taste. Add sausages in the wok now along with rice loaded with generous splash of Zingo. Toss them well together in the wok.

Serve hot and be ready for the compliments.



Store bought. Problem Solved. Served with some EVOO mixed with oregano as a dip.


Grilled Chicken with garlic and pepper


Sliced onions and pre-marinated chicken with yes you guessed it garlic and salt.

Heat a tsp butter and some oil and add in chopped garlic. Brown the onions and put in the chicken pieces. On high heat brown the chicken pieces well, lower heat and cook. The chicken will be done in about 10 to 15mins.

Light dinner hai ya heavy ab yeh faislaa appka.




Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tribute to my cousin Sid Varma


I have been absconding from the blogosphere for a while now, and I think it is time now to bounce back. But I cannot do it without sharing my reasons for missing from the scene. I lost my youngest cousin brother Sidhartha Varma to an ailment of the lungs. A disease that he fought with the will power of a giant. I would never say that he lost, because as we all tell our children it is more important to have participated than to have either won or lost. And participated he did. Fought like a valiant soldier.The disease had eaten up and rendered his body lame and limp but absolutely could not touch his sharp mind, wit and the spirit. He wanted to live. Live for his mom, his beautiful wife and a 2 and a half year old son. However god had different plans. He is now at a plane where no disease can touch him, he is whole.

 Sid Varma

In death as in his life and through his illness he was the most compassionate person I have known. he was more worried about you standing by his hospital bed side, he wanted you to sit, be comfortable, used to light up with the news of my child, offered tea to everyone who visited him  and was most careful about handing over a tip to the attendant each time he was cleaned. On the fateful evening of 4th of June god embraced him and he passed on to another realm. Heavens gained a good Samaritan and we lost him.

The family needless to say has been inconsolable. 32 is an age to live it up not bid goodbye. But credit needs to be handed over where it is due. They decided to donate his eyes, the decision was unanimous and within minutes the team from the eye bank arrived and did the needful. Today he is alive not only in our hearts but through the eyes of 2 unknown human beings who can now see the rainbow, he is looking at the world with a fresh perspective. He has done the mahadaan; he has donated eyesight.

May the tribe of such persons increase and may darkness be dispelled. May his souls Rest In Peace and may the family gather enough courage and strength to carry on the business off living.

You will be missed bro.

Read about why should one donate one’s eyes here

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day

A painting done by my 10 year old son for Mother's Day. True i know every day is Mother's day and all that jazz, but i feel a special day just makes it easier to say and show what is usually unsaid in everyday life. So here's raising a toast to all the mums and their endless sacrifices and their pure selfless. Love you Mom. 

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ullu ka...

Spotted this cute little lovable owl perched on a tree and when i spotted him, he spotted me too...gosh he was staring at me with perfectly round eyes. Ulla ka.....i didnt say it :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Would You Believe it?


Have you ever stood at the head of a waterfall? As incredible and unbelievable as it may sound I have. And what an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, exhilarating and hair-raising experience it was.

Last summers I went to Canada to visit my bro. Out of our many sojourns there, this one left some amazingly cherished memories. Tews falls in Hamilton,Ontario is just a wee bit shorter than the Niagara, falling from a height of 41 meters. It is the highest waterfall in Hamilton, the waterfall capital of the world. DSC04133

We took to the roads from Brampton and reached Tews in about 2 hours. Joining me, my husband and brother were our two little imps of 9 and 4 years. The kids were boisterously looking forward to the trip and had been duly instructed to not throw any tantrums and refrain from saying the dreaded word “godii” since we had planned on a trek to the Dundas Peak.

DSC04130The hike was around 1.6kms and though not really tough as in the terrain but challenging nevertheless with 2 little ones. We were in for a surprise when these two went on hopping, skipping and jumping all the way without getting tired and throwing a single tantrum. A feat in itself!

Anyway after having conquered the Dundas Peak we stopped over at the look out stations watching the Tews falls. Me and my husband decided to leave the kids with the bro and to try and venture a bit closer to where the falls were.

What followed was a revelation of sorts, and an unforgettable experience. We walked along side the small creek and decided to step in the shallow stretch that led to the head of the fall. The ground under the flowing water was all covered with moss and a little slippery but we just walked along. And guess what reached the head of the falls, the view just simply opened up and from that vantage point we could see my bro and the 2 kids at the lookout. We were standing right at the edge from where the 41 meter long fall was falling so to say. My brother got a bit frantic because when you saw from where he was, it sure looked frightening. We beckoned out to him and he reached the banks along with the 2 imps. The walk was so comfortable that we decided on taking the kids to the head too and sure they joined in the adventure. It was beautiful. It was awesome. It was incredible. 


Check out the unbelievable pictures that speak volumes more than the words. For more pics click here and in the meantime watch this Smile

This is my post for the contest organized by Indiblogger and Mahindra XUV 500 which by the way has become one of my faves on the road…Lusting after it ! Check out this beauty at

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chirping their way to extinction?

World Sparrow Day, 20th March 2012
Sparrow, that tiny little brown bird that we have grown up watching in awe and amazement. The house used to wake up to the twittering and chirping of these numerous birds on the window sill, the lawn trees and jumping in the balconies. My earliest memories of these little birdies go way back to my stay in Allahabad where my dad was posted. The pair had nested just outside of my bedroom window and it was a delight to watch those little perfectly shaped oval almost- white eggs. This was during my summer vacations and my cousins had come over to spend the summer with us. Each day we used to closely watch the eggs and wonder when they will hatch open. No one would dare open that window for the fear of breaking the nest.
The eggs hatched in what seemed years to us children, and really small very vulnerable pink featherless creatures came out of them. It was celebration among us cousins,  all of us around 10 years of age. They grew fast and we monitored their size and tweets almost daily. I used to be mesmerized watching their feet, their little mouths and just simply marvel.
Many years have passed since, and like my childhood those days of innocence and simple joys have given way to a stressful life filled with chores and more chores, keeping up with the business of living. And when I read somewhere that today is the World Sparrow Day my thoughts went back to those little harbingers of joy and song and inevitably to those little babies I had seen growing up on my window sill.
Today when I told my 10 year old about it, he took time to figure out exactly which bird I was talking of. Sadly, this does not point to his lack of knowledge but to the fact that there are so few of them left in Delhi. Delhi skies and terraces seem to be dotted  with  pigeons but sparrows are in short supply so to say. We hardly ever spot them in the park next to my house. I however passed on the little nugget of wisdom to him that my mum had to me. The one with the black beard is a male and the other petite one is the lady.
Though the kids of today don’t have as much leisure time on their hand to endlessly sit and watch birds out on the trees, they would rather be watching Pogo, playing outdoor games on a Wii or reading up on ipad. I just hope that alongwith “vo kagaz ki kashti, vo barish ka paani,…vo chidiyaa, vo bulbul vo titli pakadna…” we don’t have to rue the passing on of the house sparrow.
This post is lovingly dedicated the little House Sparrows. Show your love and save them click on 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Stop Press

The End of the Era of printed Encyclopedia Britannica


Yesterday post the announcement from Encyclopaedia Britannica, my facebook group page was inundated with numerous messages from fellow Britannicans; some ruing the passing of an era, some sharing nostalgia and yet others simply “liking” the comments, but most of us acknowledging the news and expressing our presence. Change is, as we all know and keep repeating, the only thing constant in the world and actually as sure to come about as taxes and death.

Ok so the background is I worked with EB in New Delhi, and am so proud of it in a collars up kind of a manner.I am all for change if it is for the better of course or to keep up with the times. I do also get nostalgic at times but not in the “Arrey humara zamana acha tha, humare gaane ache the, humara yeh or humara who.” But well if this post is not about nostalgia, what is?

So well…humare zamane main Britannica office had been a bright spot of sunshine. It meant many a things to be working with this iconic giant. Besides ofcourse the feeling of being associated with this giant powerhouse of knowledge and information, the bunch of people working here were all young, energetic and from various professional fields. The thumb rule was “meet the deadlines” and after that “chase the happy” and that’s what my gang used to do. What with an in-house gym, lovely terrace to sip those endless cups of coffee, a table tennis area and a baddy court. Britannica also gave me the much needed perspective in life that I had lost after a personal tragedy, it was just what the doctor had ordered. Britannica gave me friends to last a lifetime and memories to keep me warm.

The news transported me a decade back when I was working with them. I remember the remark of a visiting senior who said that in his days they saved salaries for years to buy a set of EB whereas these days it is so easily available as a soft copy version. The decision to “Stop Press” makes sense. It makes sense to understand the pulse of the times and move with it. The change is progressive. It is logical. And it is most welcome.


Monday, March 5, 2012

There’s Something About Sunsets

There definitely is something about sunsets. Sure they look amazing from a beach and while setting and disappearing behind and in-between somewhere the mountains. But, I find them equally amazing from my terrace disappearing behind the high rises, from my car rear view window while negotiating madness that is Delhi traffic, actually from anywhere. All one needs to do is turn a little bit blind to the chaos around. You may think I am a little crazy but aren't we all. And if you are a sunset fan believe me the setting (pun intended) of the place does not matter.
Is it the way the sky changes many colors, from blue to the hues and all possible shades of reds and oranges with purple streaks? Is it the promise that every sunset holds, of giving way to sunrise and sunshine the next morning? is it a life lesson and a reaffirmation? is it pure joy of watching the canvas that God the Super Artist can create? Hmm I think it’s a bit of all of this and more!
from my terrace

Whatever it is, watching a sunset gives me a deep sense of calm, a feeling that no words can express. There are times I feel wow if I was to die this moment I wont have any regrets. These for me are those “real” moments when I am in touch with nature, in touch with my God and with my divinity. Poets have written reams and artists painted many canvases but nothing compares to “the moment” as you feel it.
Note: This post is also my entry to the 100% Real Experience Contest by Kissan and IndiBlogger

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Over the Rainbow

A trip to Niagara is a fascinating experience. Every time you look at the roaring beauty you can not but marvel. Each visit offers you a different and a fulfilling experience, the sights are so completely of this and yet out-of-this-world. One thing that always “is” and most captivating is the formation of a rainbow on a sunny day. The rainbow moments are transient but awesome. And since a picture speaks louder than words here is one:
Rainbow Dreams

Do share your rainbow moments and if you have a picture of one on your blog, let’s link ‘em up!
For more pictures of Niagara Falls visit:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jungle Main Mor Nacha

Jungle main mor nacha kisne dekha? Magar jab Delhi Golf Course main nacha toh mere dear friend Adil Arora ne dekha bhi aur click bhi kiya. Thanks Adil for allowing me to use this wonderful picture. A very rare sight in itself and rarer still when it happens in Delhi.

Golf Course main Mor Nacha
pic: Adil Arora
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Agar Usne Na Bola Toh…

All my life I have read various articles on “How to Say NO”. Yes I am also one of you  for who saying No takes a lot of gumption. But the big But here is that though I may have learnt how to say NO even if partially, what I really need is a lesson on How to take a No. That I think is even more difficult my friend. We don’t ask so many things of people; for help, for guidance, or even a member of the opposite sex out for a cup of coffee for the fear of hearing a No.
Today this realization hit me big time when a friend said No to me for a favor and I kept feeling sooo bad and hurt thinking all the innovative cuss words for her AND then I realised Arey toh kya ho gaya if we are all learning to say No…we have to be prepared to take a No also right? No?!

I say NO to piracy so i made my own jpeg :)

So now to put balm on my wounds that I am still licking please please tell me if you have been on the receiving or the giving end?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Tikki

Pre-Marriage Valentine ki Tayaarian
  • Hair do
  • New dress
  • Card buying
  • Gift buying
  • Restaurant jaaing
  • Over spending cover charges
  • Daaru pi-ing
  • Censored
Post-Marriage Valentine ki Tayaarian (incidentally anniv too)
  • New Dress
  • gift buying
  • Cursing jawaani ka bukhaar that other people have
  • Daaru pi-ing
  • Ordering in
  • Censored
Post-bachcha party Valentine ki Tayaarian (anniv constant)
  • New Dress
  • facebook updating
  • Asking Jaanu kya chahiye (and then both jaanus forgetting about it)
  • Cursing jawaani ka bukhaar that other people have
  • Daaru pi-ing
  • Valentine alu ki tikki bana-ing
  • Trying to Censor but it’s a family show …so no show
Duniya badal gayi….bff rahi toh bus ek daaru….aur lo dekh lo aise bani thi alu ki tikki
Mash em alus with the masalas
used this for shapes
deep fried

Lo man gaya Valentine ...Ha!

 So what are your plans????

aage se dekho ji ….hai

"Kya number hai, kya gaadi hai, kya bumper hai kya body hai, aage se dekho, peeche se dekho, upar se dekho, neeche se dekho, kahin se dekho ji...hai kya baat hai...uff kya baat hai..."
I wish I had more time to click these beauties since was as always running between many things and trying to juggle them all at once. So well tried to make the most of 10 minutes that I had and went trigger happy. All these good looking beauties had come out for a vintage car rally.

                      DSC05957    DSC05956                        
DSC05959                                                                                          DSC05966        DSC05967            DSC05969           DSC05970
DSC05971      DSC05972      DSC05973     DSC05964                           DSC05974

Am not a car expert or anything close it and can barely tell a Santro from a Zen so if you guys know which one is well which one, go right ahead anc add on in the comments..and don’t snigger please a girl can know only that much Winking smile 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bhagwaan Aapke Ghar Bull pe Aayein hain

In today's times when people don't have time to visit the temple and e-pujas are popular, dekho Bhagwaan khud aapke paas aayein hain !

Yeh Bhi Dilli

Chalo Jai Jai Karo

Sunday, January 29, 2012

dekha ek khwab toh yeh…

Agar aapka dil hindustani hai toh apki entertainment list is sure to have either Bollywood or cricket at the top slot depending on whether you are from Mars or Venus. And if you are a die hard romantic your fav movie list will definitely have Yash Chopra’s films, the chiffon saris, Switzerland, and those swaying in the wind tulip fields with the lead pair running from one end of that field to the other to fall in each other’s arms (must be a hell of a task if there are a couple of takes) and crooning “phool bhi ho darmiyaan toh faasle hue..” sigh!!

I always thought tulips to be in Europe. So was quite confounded (sounds better than confused and more intelligent in a blog) when I saw tulips in Canada. The season for tulips was ending when I visited but I just loved the various hues that dotted every street and occupied a place of pride outside of every home.

So I did the obvious and clicked them and here I am sharing some pics with you while you dream on your romantic dreams and tulip fields and those chiffon saris and well…it’s a family page Winking smile

Go on and do share your tulip moments.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lets Rock

Spotted at Nainital Mall Road right opposite Naina Devi temple.

They Will Rock You !!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Theek Theek Laga Lo na Bhaiya ji

A hit with the Delhi crowd Sarojini Nagar (SN) market is situated in the heart of south Delhi and is a haven for sasta and mast maal. Popular for affordable high street clothes and accessories this is Delhi's very own Fashion Street. Though most of the stuff is at a great bargain....actual haggling ke bina bhi koi shopping ka mazza aata hai kya?

Do's and DONT's: Arre Bhaiya ji don't be a kill joy 
So whats your favorite haggling line? Mine being "Arre bhaiya ji hamesha aap se hi toh lete hain na" ;) even if it is my first visit to that shop.
For more pics of SN click here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Republic Day

Painted by my 9 year old son...

Aman ki Asha
So are you guys going to watch the parade on TV tomorrow? I still remember as a child when sleep was my best friend and dad its enemy, he used to make sure we woke up to watch the parade on Doordarshan. As much as i hated the idea then i try to encourage my child in doing the same now. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Piyo Aur Giyo

Spotted on a highway from Delhi to Chandigarh and just loved this fellow's philosophy. Cheers !!

Piyo Aur Giyo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dilli ki Sardi

Beat The Shit Out of Cold and Emerge A Winner 


So well this is a completely feel-good pat-on-my-own-back kinda post. I registered on IndiBlogger a couple of months back and little did I realise that it will turn out to be one of the best blog decisions I have taken. Likhti toh main pehle bhi thi…..but …The encouragement from fellow bloggers and the members have not only boosted confidence but also provided the much needed inspiration to sit and blog. Have received really sound and frank advice on the forum and like a good learner even tried and imbibed it on my blog. Today I feel like a kid who is damn excited and super happy with his/her exam result and wants the world to know they have done well. Indirank has put me on at a cool 73 out of 100 and am soo soo ecstatic. Thanks Indi and thanks to all who have visited my blog and encouraged me. 
Lo Muh Meetha Karo
Lo Ji Muh Meetha Karo



Thursday, January 19, 2012