Monday, January 30, 2012

Bhagwaan Aapke Ghar Bull pe Aayein hain

In today's times when people don't have time to visit the temple and e-pujas are popular, dekho Bhagwaan khud aapke paas aayein hain !

Yeh Bhi Dilli

Chalo Jai Jai Karo

Sunday, January 29, 2012

dekha ek khwab toh yeh…

Agar aapka dil hindustani hai toh apki entertainment list is sure to have either Bollywood or cricket at the top slot depending on whether you are from Mars or Venus. And if you are a die hard romantic your fav movie list will definitely have Yash Chopra’s films, the chiffon saris, Switzerland, and those swaying in the wind tulip fields with the lead pair running from one end of that field to the other to fall in each other’s arms (must be a hell of a task if there are a couple of takes) and crooning “phool bhi ho darmiyaan toh faasle hue..” sigh!!

I always thought tulips to be in Europe. So was quite confounded (sounds better than confused and more intelligent in a blog) when I saw tulips in Canada. The season for tulips was ending when I visited but I just loved the various hues that dotted every street and occupied a place of pride outside of every home.

So I did the obvious and clicked them and here I am sharing some pics with you while you dream on your romantic dreams and tulip fields and those chiffon saris and well…it’s a family page Winking smile

Go on and do share your tulip moments.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lets Rock

Spotted at Nainital Mall Road right opposite Naina Devi temple.

They Will Rock You !!
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Theek Theek Laga Lo na Bhaiya ji

A hit with the Delhi crowd Sarojini Nagar (SN) market is situated in the heart of south Delhi and is a haven for sasta and mast maal. Popular for affordable high street clothes and accessories this is Delhi's very own Fashion Street. Though most of the stuff is at a great bargain....actual haggling ke bina bhi koi shopping ka mazza aata hai kya?

Do's and DONT's: Arre Bhaiya ji don't be a kill joy 
So whats your favorite haggling line? Mine being "Arre bhaiya ji hamesha aap se hi toh lete hain na" ;) even if it is my first visit to that shop.
For more pics of SN click here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Republic Day

Painted by my 9 year old son...

Aman ki Asha
So are you guys going to watch the parade on TV tomorrow? I still remember as a child when sleep was my best friend and dad its enemy, he used to make sure we woke up to watch the parade on Doordarshan. As much as i hated the idea then i try to encourage my child in doing the same now. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Piyo Aur Giyo

Spotted on a highway from Delhi to Chandigarh and just loved this fellow's philosophy. Cheers !!

Piyo Aur Giyo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dilli ki Sardi

Beat The Shit Out of Cold and Emerge A Winner 


So well this is a completely feel-good pat-on-my-own-back kinda post. I registered on IndiBlogger a couple of months back and little did I realise that it will turn out to be one of the best blog decisions I have taken. Likhti toh main pehle bhi thi…..but …The encouragement from fellow bloggers and the members have not only boosted confidence but also provided the much needed inspiration to sit and blog. Have received really sound and frank advice on the forum and like a good learner even tried and imbibed it on my blog. Today I feel like a kid who is damn excited and super happy with his/her exam result and wants the world to know they have done well. Indirank has put me on at a cool 73 out of 100 and am soo soo ecstatic. Thanks Indi and thanks to all who have visited my blog and encouraged me. 
Lo Muh Meetha Karo
Lo Ji Muh Meetha Karo



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lateral Thinking

What we have to encourage in adults shine through in kids naturally. There have been so many instances when i have been awestruck by how the little minds think...i wish i had documented all of them but...Anyway like they say never too late. 
My dear friend Sapnaa was travellig for a vacation with her little daughter Mira (age 8yrs) and husband Vishal to Singapore. Needless to say they were all excited and geared up, more so Mira. Unable to contain her excitement and wanting to get into the aircraft asap. Getting restless when the announcements were made for the "business class" she turned up her eyes at mum and asked in all seriousness "so mumma when will they announce boarding for the holiday class"
Goes without saying that Sapnaa and Vishal were just short of rolling on the floor laughing !

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Games People Play

Though my association with the Blind School go way back, there are still so many things I haven't been aware of. But like they say everything happens on its own time. I have been receiving invitation from them for their annual sports from years but haven't been able to make it. This year however I decided that not only would I go and cheer for them I will also take my 9 year old to show him how the blind play. It was an eye-opener and a truly overwhelming experience.
The not-so-sunny morning saw me, my mum and son reach the venue (The Blind Relief Association, near Oberoi, New Delhi) to catch the football and kabbadi tournaments. On probing and questioning people present at the venue I got to know a couple of rules. Though the basic rule structure is based on FIFA some have been adapted to suit the players with visual impairment.
  1. There are 5 players in each team
  2. The football ground is smaller than the regular ones
  3. All players wear eye patches and a soft padded head band to prevent injury (eye patches are worn so that low-sighted athletes do not get any advantage over the completely blind counterparts)
  4. The goalkeepers are slightly-sighted
  5. The ball has compartments in them with metallic ball bearings inside so it jingles on being kicked and the sportsperson can follow the ball through its sound
  6. A guide positioned at the rear of the goal post keeps screaming and shouting tips and instructions to the players to assist them with the game
  7. During a penalty shootout the goal keeper does not cover the post
We watched Delhi Vs. Mumbai and cheered for both the teams, we cheered for their spirit, their will to live and play, and we cheered for our blessings. Sometimes the things that we so take for granted are so precious yet un-thought of. Isn’t it?
We missed the kabbadi match but am hoping to right back to catch it.
Just a recommendation, if you are in Delhi go and catch the tournaments at the Blind Relief Association, near Oberoi. They are on from 4th Jan to 10th Jan 2012. All are welcome and there are no tickets. Help the blind help themselves.
“Like” the Indian Blind Sports Association page and get updates:


Monday, January 2, 2012

The Old & The New

The Old and the New coexisting in all their glory, one a mute witness to history and the other heralding the future, One of the many reasons that warms my Dil se Dilliwaali dhadkan.

The Old & The New
This is the view from Kotla Ferozshah.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stress No. 365

Ok so I am a person who thrives on stress and yes I have inherited it….from mom. Anyways I am not discussing my genetic make up here that’s another time another gossip. So back to “last day of the year stress” aka Stress No. 365 !! Arrrggghhhh
It begins with friends asking “so what are your plans?” Huh?! well no nothing really ..hmm at home. And there are two main categories of friends, those that heave a sigh-of-relief and the second group I can feel is mentally categorizing me as Boring!!
Depending on the kind of friend I have some ready bahanas/tips that Dilliwalaas can use. Trust me they are tried and tested and yes No animals were sacrificed for any testing.
Bahana No1.: Oh we have partied so hard all of last week, really want some downtime now (like right my beer is chilling and I will get drunk @home)
Bahana No2: Saara Saal party kartae hain want to spend some time with family Winking smile(the same family I bitch about the rest of 364 days)
Bahana No3: No way yaar having a barbeque at home with some french wine(Arre barbeque light karna bhi nahi aata…Qureshi ka Tandoor hai na)
Bahana No4: Oh I want to spend quality time with my child (I am a stay at home mum with my child in my hair all the time)
Bahana No5: Oh just having a couple of close friends of husband’s at home (who are they??)
Bahana No6: Don’t like the herd mentality yaar All the places are too crowded (or too expensive)
So for all those who had plans or didn’t have them please choose the answer from the above list best suited to your sensibilities and LMA(leave me alone)…….I am already under Stress No.65 Where Am I going for Valentines. Huh?! AAaaarghhhh