Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holi Hai

A painting made by my 9 year old son Arnaav Bellani. Holi is his favorite festival.

Holi Hai
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Over the Rainbow

A trip to Niagara is a fascinating experience. Every time you look at the roaring beauty you can not but marvel. Each visit offers you a different and a fulfilling experience, the sights are so completely of this and yet out-of-this-world. One thing that always “is” and most captivating is the formation of a rainbow on a sunny day. The rainbow moments are transient but awesome. And since a picture speaks louder than words here is one:
Rainbow Dreams

Do share your rainbow moments and if you have a picture of one on your blog, let’s link ‘em up!
For more pictures of Niagara Falls visit:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jungle Main Mor Nacha

Jungle main mor nacha kisne dekha? Magar jab Delhi Golf Course main nacha toh mere dear friend Adil Arora ne dekha bhi aur click bhi kiya. Thanks Adil for allowing me to use this wonderful picture. A very rare sight in itself and rarer still when it happens in Delhi.

Golf Course main Mor Nacha
pic: Adil Arora
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Agar Usne Na Bola Toh…

All my life I have read various articles on “How to Say NO”. Yes I am also one of you  for who saying No takes a lot of gumption. But the big But here is that though I may have learnt how to say NO even if partially, what I really need is a lesson on How to take a No. That I think is even more difficult my friend. We don’t ask so many things of people; for help, for guidance, or even a member of the opposite sex out for a cup of coffee for the fear of hearing a No.
Today this realization hit me big time when a friend said No to me for a favor and I kept feeling sooo bad and hurt thinking all the innovative cuss words for her AND then I realised Arey toh kya ho gaya if we are all learning to say No…we have to be prepared to take a No also right? No?!

I say NO to piracy so i made my own jpeg :)

So now to put balm on my wounds that I am still licking please please tell me if you have been on the receiving or the giving end?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Tikki

Pre-Marriage Valentine ki Tayaarian
  • Hair do
  • New dress
  • Card buying
  • Gift buying
  • Restaurant jaaing
  • Over spending cover charges
  • Daaru pi-ing
  • Censored
Post-Marriage Valentine ki Tayaarian (incidentally anniv too)
  • New Dress
  • gift buying
  • Cursing jawaani ka bukhaar that other people have
  • Daaru pi-ing
  • Ordering in
  • Censored
Post-bachcha party Valentine ki Tayaarian (anniv constant)
  • New Dress
  • facebook updating
  • Asking Jaanu kya chahiye (and then both jaanus forgetting about it)
  • Cursing jawaani ka bukhaar that other people have
  • Daaru pi-ing
  • Valentine alu ki tikki bana-ing
  • Trying to Censor but it’s a family show …so no show
Duniya badal gayi….bff rahi toh bus ek daaru….aur lo dekh lo aise bani thi alu ki tikki
Mash em alus with the masalas
used this for shapes
deep fried

Lo man gaya Valentine ...Ha!

 So what are your plans????

aage se dekho ji ….hai

"Kya number hai, kya gaadi hai, kya bumper hai kya body hai, aage se dekho, peeche se dekho, upar se dekho, neeche se dekho, kahin se dekho ji...hai kya baat hai...uff kya baat hai..."
I wish I had more time to click these beauties since was as always running between many things and trying to juggle them all at once. So well tried to make the most of 10 minutes that I had and went trigger happy. All these good looking beauties had come out for a vintage car rally.

                      DSC05957    DSC05956                        
DSC05959                                                                                          DSC05966        DSC05967            DSC05969           DSC05970
DSC05971      DSC05972      DSC05973     DSC05964                           DSC05974

Am not a car expert or anything close it and can barely tell a Santro from a Zen so if you guys know which one is well which one, go right ahead anc add on in the comments..and don’t snigger please a girl can know only that much Winking smile