Monday, February 5, 2018

art of giving and karma connection

My mum always told me whenever i complained about how i have done so much for this one and that and blah blah and its so thankless. She always said That if you have done something for others and they are not reciprocating maybe you had to give last janams karz etc and if not and you are doing and they are taking the karz. And this used to always give me lots of courage to move on and keep doing what i thought was the right action to do. 
Today while in similar discussion talking of blessings and gratitude with her, my little batti came on alive. That if we have done cause of our past karmas so be it. And if it is from my side i drop it. Dont want to get enmeshed in further cycles. And thats when i understood why they say नेकी कर कुए में ड़ाल ( this saying in hindi means that if you have done a good deed forget about it and expect no returns on the same. I mean free the receiver from any debts so the giver is free too 💕). What came to my mind was also this incident my papa used to narrate: once a soldier did not salute the general so the general punished him saying now salute me a 100 times and the soldier did. And with each salute as the courtesy demands the general had to salute back !
Yes thats what it means. In my gita devdutt patnaik talks of a point of return(rebirths) and point of no return(no more rebirths).

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