Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One level Up

wake up before the wake up call !
sometimes life throws a googly and depending on our ability to respond we respond to it. my wake up call came early in life when i lost my brother in law- my best friend and at the same time my husband went through challenging professional times. Personally and Professionally we started from ground zero and built up whatever we have today. we are ofcourse very grateful for all the support we got at that time. however our issues were our own to deal with. even in that our coping styles were very different.
over times i went in and out of phases of self empowerment then self doubts, depression and then more facing of fears, struggles winning some and losing some.
this year has been very gratifying with loads of self work and rework. i am an absolutely different person than i was a couple years ago and i take pride in my growth. wont have it any other way.
However, i also realise that though we all have stories and struggles of our own, if we are taught to believe in ourselves, have faith in the larger design and yet steer our destiny, love ourselves as easily as we seek love from the other, trust ourselves and develop inner strength, become self empowered and reliant; our response ability will become so much more powerful.
Its like building your physical immunity so that body is more prepared to fight the illnesses etc. its like building an earthquake resistant building, its like preparing for a test, its being prepared so that the ground zero is one level up !
Evolve and Grow. Cause there is no limit to that. Thankfully!
Gift yourself the gift of your highest potential. Batti jali?
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