Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stress No. 365

Ok so I am a person who thrives on stress and yes I have inherited it….from mom. Anyways I am not discussing my genetic make up here that’s another time another gossip. So back to “last day of the year stress” aka Stress No. 365 !! Arrrggghhhh
It begins with friends asking “so what are your plans?” Huh?! well no nothing really ..hmm at home. And there are two main categories of friends, those that heave a sigh-of-relief and the second group I can feel is mentally categorizing me as Boring!!
Depending on the kind of friend I have some ready bahanas/tips that Dilliwalaas can use. Trust me they are tried and tested and yes No animals were sacrificed for any testing.
Bahana No1.: Oh we have partied so hard all of last week, really want some downtime now (like right my beer is chilling and I will get drunk @home)
Bahana No2: Saara Saal party kartae hain want to spend some time with family Winking smile(the same family I bitch about the rest of 364 days)
Bahana No3: No way yaar having a barbeque at home with some french wine(Arre barbeque light karna bhi nahi aata…Qureshi ka Tandoor hai na)
Bahana No4: Oh I want to spend quality time with my child (I am a stay at home mum with my child in my hair all the time)
Bahana No5: Oh just having a couple of close friends of husband’s at home (who are they??)
Bahana No6: Don’t like the herd mentality yaar All the places are too crowded (or too expensive)
So for all those who had plans or didn’t have them please choose the answer from the above list best suited to your sensibilities and LMA(leave me alone)…….I am already under Stress No.65 Where Am I going for Valentines. Huh?! AAaaarghhhh