Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ek Saala Machchar

Had this not been for my blog I would have used such expletives for the “saala machchar” that the entire kaum would have gone and hidden in shame. Phew!! and they say bloody size matters. Well I disagree.
So let me start the way stories begin, Once upon a couple of months back around October end I just couldn’t get up. Not wake up (that is a daily struggle) but stand up what with pains in the joints I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t even realize I had got bitten by the bug ..till the reports tested positive for Chikungunya. Infact at that time I felt relieved trust me, because one over-cautious suggest a million tests Doc had suggested the onset of arthritis….well I felt I got away with the lesser of the evils.
My doc passed the verdict to “not expect any miracles for at least 6 weeks.” What she meant was the pains will not go away for a long time to come. And to pile up on the horror stories came tales of those who are still in pain after a year too. And since there is no treatment the relief is symptomatic popping of pain relievers when the pain strikes.
The skeletal system takes the hit. Knuckles, toe joints, hip bones, you name it and they creak and crunch. Hot fomentation helps to a little extent but the cold makes it worse. Since it’s a long term thing a friend suggested that I go in for either homeopathy or an ayurvedic treatment. Homeopathy has suited me and i am consulting a doc at Lajpat Bhawan in Delhi. There are days of no pain and there are creaky days. It takes time, but thankfully like everything else this too shall pass.
And last but not the least a message to all ye machars of the world—Beware you have taken punga with a loud mad Dilli ki scorpion Punjaban…..so here I come armed with a chappal and a racket bought off a traffic light. I will buzz you off…..to a macharful hell !!


  1. cool machchar story

  2. Aww that's lil painful. My parents had chickenguniya about two years back, and from then on their bones were never strong like before. But you would fight, after all you cannot bend your knees in front of a silly tiny insect !

  3. Thanks Ms.Capricious fight i will

  4. factsandnonsense cool toh pata nahi magar painful bahut hai :)