Thursday, January 26, 2012

Theek Theek Laga Lo na Bhaiya ji

A hit with the Delhi crowd Sarojini Nagar (SN) market is situated in the heart of south Delhi and is a haven for sasta and mast maal. Popular for affordable high street clothes and accessories this is Delhi's very own Fashion Street. Though most of the stuff is at a great bargain....actual haggling ke bina bhi koi shopping ka mazza aata hai kya?

Do's and DONT's: Arre Bhaiya ji don't be a kill joy 
So whats your favorite haggling line? Mine being "Arre bhaiya ji hamesha aap se hi toh lete hain na" ;) even if it is my first visit to that shop.
For more pics of SN click here


  1. I am a hopeless haggler, but I see others who seem really good at it. In Hyderabad, the most comon line I hear is "dene ka bolo." Not sure if this is common everywhere though.

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  3. @Subhorup yes this is also yet another common line

    Thanks Janvi

  4. too girly , but likeable post
    my line is "yaar dekh 1 rate bata le lunga ya chala jaunga"