Sunday, January 29, 2012

dekha ek khwab toh yeh…

Agar aapka dil hindustani hai toh apki entertainment list is sure to have either Bollywood or cricket at the top slot depending on whether you are from Mars or Venus. And if you are a die hard romantic your fav movie list will definitely have Yash Chopra’s films, the chiffon saris, Switzerland, and those swaying in the wind tulip fields with the lead pair running from one end of that field to the other to fall in each other’s arms (must be a hell of a task if there are a couple of takes) and crooning “phool bhi ho darmiyaan toh faasle hue..” sigh!!

I always thought tulips to be in Europe. So was quite confounded (sounds better than confused and more intelligent in a blog) when I saw tulips in Canada. The season for tulips was ending when I visited but I just loved the various hues that dotted every street and occupied a place of pride outside of every home.

So I did the obvious and clicked them and here I am sharing some pics with you while you dream on your romantic dreams and tulip fields and those chiffon saris and well…it’s a family page Winking smile

Go on and do share your tulip moments.


  1. LOL, like the last paragraph....
    I think it was Silsila that first showed us tulips, and then bollywood fell in love with these colourful flowers. Of course, you get tulips in Delhi as well, saw them in a couple of parks and at the old phool mandi....

  2. thanks Santa yes they are also in the Mughal Gardens Delhi though havent seen them in abundance growing on streets and the like :)

  3. Wow, Anubhaji
    WonderPHOOL Clicks

    In Maharashtra, there is place called Kaas Plateau,Satara, only for two months Sept and Oct there fourishes strange li'l flowers and whole plateau is colored with these tiny li'l flowere not tulips but my first visit to that place was THE TULIP moment for me :P

  4. WOW! is all I can say.

    Really pleasing pictures... :)

  5. Envious. :( Enjoyed the pics. Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

  6. Thanks Nuktaa for sharing ur "tulip moment"
    Thanks Vishal and Subhorup for the encouragement believe me your comments matter

  7. Beautiful captures. Tulips are lovely and delightful to watch. And your intro was so nice. Short and sweet. Lovely pictures and beautifully written. :)

  8. Ive seen tulips a lot because I go to Holland a lot and they are their national flower. Great pics

  9. The snaps are just awesome !! Beautiful post indeed !

  10. Beautiful! I am so happy to see your blog. Yes the instant you see these flowers you picture Amitabh and Rekha, should thank Yash Chopra to introduce us to those fields!

    Happy Wednesday,
    Keep Blogging!