Monday, January 9, 2012

Lateral Thinking

What we have to encourage in adults shine through in kids naturally. There have been so many instances when i have been awestruck by how the little minds think...i wish i had documented all of them but...Anyway like they say never too late. 
My dear friend Sapnaa was travellig for a vacation with her little daughter Mira (age 8yrs) and husband Vishal to Singapore. Needless to say they were all excited and geared up, more so Mira. Unable to contain her excitement and wanting to get into the aircraft asap. Getting restless when the announcements were made for the "business class" she turned up her eyes at mum and asked in all seriousness "so mumma when will they announce boarding for the holiday class"
Goes without saying that Sapnaa and Vishal were just short of rolling on the floor laughing !