Saturday, February 11, 2012

Agar Usne Na Bola Toh…

All my life I have read various articles on “How to Say NO”. Yes I am also one of you  for who saying No takes a lot of gumption. But the big But here is that though I may have learnt how to say NO even if partially, what I really need is a lesson on How to take a No. That I think is even more difficult my friend. We don’t ask so many things of people; for help, for guidance, or even a member of the opposite sex out for a cup of coffee for the fear of hearing a No.
Today this realization hit me big time when a friend said No to me for a favor and I kept feeling sooo bad and hurt thinking all the innovative cuss words for her AND then I realised Arey toh kya ho gaya if we are all learning to say No…we have to be prepared to take a No also right? No?!

I say NO to piracy so i made my own jpeg :)

So now to put balm on my wounds that I am still licking please please tell me if you have been on the receiving or the giving end?


    Here i made my own comment :)

  2. its hard, really to say NO, i mean why one wld say NO... the way our surrounding environment is behaving, it seriously hurts as why we human are becoming so conservative and at times unhuman...

    (dont mk that practise of NO, maybe someone who is really in need will get hurt badly)... "karm karne me jo maja hai, wo uske fal khane me nahin" (try it.. you will feel more happy by helping)

  3. no better pic to compliment the post:)