Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jungle Main Mor Nacha

Jungle main mor nacha kisne dekha? Magar jab Delhi Golf Course main nacha toh mere dear friend Adil Arora ne dekha bhi aur click bhi kiya. Thanks Adil for allowing me to use this wonderful picture. A very rare sight in itself and rarer still when it happens in Delhi.

Golf Course main Mor Nacha
pic: Adil Arora
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  1. A very beautiful capture. The peacock has gotten into a full dance mood. :) Reminded me of my BITS Pilani days jab hum bahut saare mor dekha karte the! :)

  2. aur ab no more dikhtae hain...sorry couldnt resist this silly lame word play :)

  3. Your mor is so beautiful and rare to find in this mood that the Golf Course(or any other place for that matter) doesn't matter! ...another silly lame word play!!No?

  4. Nice pic! Why do I get this feeling that I have seen this pic or another one just like it on your blog (or some other blog I follow closely)?

  5. Somne sights in God's world are really exquisite; blessed are those who can see them