Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Over the Rainbow

A trip to Niagara is a fascinating experience. Every time you look at the roaring beauty you can not but marvel. Each visit offers you a different and a fulfilling experience, the sights are so completely of this and yet out-of-this-world. One thing that always “is” and most captivating is the formation of a rainbow on a sunny day. The rainbow moments are transient but awesome. And since a picture speaks louder than words here is one:
Rainbow Dreams

Do share your rainbow moments and if you have a picture of one on your blog, let’s link ‘em up!
For more pictures of Niagara Falls visit:


  1. Beautiful shot..Miss seeing a rainbow.(it hardly ever rains here in this part of the world.However, seen lots of rainbows in Nainital where I went to a boarding school. After heavy rains when the sun would come out.. we could often see a rainbow AND get a sunny day holiday.

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now,

    1. Thank u 2 tons Kajal i love and regularly read ur chronicle too :)
      you made my day :D

  2. Wow Anubha, beautiful pic. Finding a rainbow is so lucky. In my childhood my teacher used to say that there is treasure at the end of a rainbow. :)

    1. Thanks Swapna...:( didnt find any pot of gold...but yup golden moment sure it was :)

  3. rare snap . . nevertheless perfect ! have a good day :)

  4. I get to see Rainbows in my Hometown Dehradun quite often, but rarely in Delhi. Loved this shot. So serene so lovely!