Monday, August 6, 2012

Baarish ka bahana hai

Starved for a good bout of rains in saddi Dilli, we had all been petitioning dear indra devta and hoping our prayers will be heard. Finally he relented and when it rained by Indra it poured. Some moons, infact many moons ago when I was dating my-now husband I used to make bahanas to meet him and off we used to go on long bike rides without a care in the world. Sigh, those were the days when potholes on the roads didn't matter and time wasn’t a rare commodity. However the tide has turned now and rains means delays especially the traffic jam types. So I was infact quite happy that he was travelling today and won’t have to go through the torture of driving and reaching Gurgaon after a struggle of 3 to 4 hours jostling and being jostled in the jam. So much for romance!!
But still kya karein ab baarish toh baarish hai na, brings out the inner child, that wants to dance in the rain, float innumerable boats, jump in the puddles and after a clean up craves for ma ke haath ke pakore-chai or alu-puri.
Though I was alone at home, when inspiration strikes it strikes. Have done this for the first time ever, cooked an indulgent meal just for me and me alone. Had alu-puri with chai sitting out on my patio and listening to the sound of rains.
Felt so good and blessed. True, we are all busy but sometimes it is good to do things for self, and I am seriously talking to all those mums, wives, career women and homemakers who put family’s needs first each and every time. Trust me sometimes seize the moment and make it yours. Feels like Heaven. Don’t they say “You live only once!”


  1. Taking time out for yourself is very important- after all, as they say, before you love others, you need to be able to love yourself ;)

  2. Mmmmmm... Puri. Sorry I liked your post but my mind and eyes were mostly fixated on the photo

    1. hehe true Puri is the Star of the post...thanks Raghav

  3. Wow.. I am jealous. Just kidding. :) It is wonderful to have some time for yourself. It feels so good and special. And if you have rain for company, what more to ask for. Loved the poori and chai combo. I am sure you would have had the most serene and joyous time.

  4. You did right, me time is a must.
    Perfect poori, yumm~

  5. luchi what i say...even monsoons should come pouring for that offering.

  6. it is funny how perceptions change over time... I too remember how I used to enjoy eating ice-creams in the drizzle. Nowadays we are more bothered about clothes and hair and crap like that :-)
    Great write, keep writing...