Monday, December 19, 2011

Back to school

Ok so we are all on facebook but you know what facebook is a converstaion killer…I am addicted to it and have even put profile pics that say, “if I am not on facebook for two hours call the police” infact it should be 2 hours in my case…but what the heck liking pics, sending emoticons, and not even exercising those facial muscles while LOLing…phone calls have become rare and far and few in between among “friends”. So when Stuti called after ages it was sooo real..and the conversation flowed along with old memories and ended on the usual note of “lets meet” “lets plan” etc.
The calls continued; however a plan didn’t materialize.finally we decided to fix a date and just go for it…I decided to take it one level above and created an event on …ya you guessed it…on facebook. Few confirmations and many regrets came in but the will was strong and we decided to go ahead with it.  After all we were all meeting after 20 long years. Many posts and pokings later…eventually the D day dawned.
The moot question even on the 18th of dec 2011 (the day of the event) was “arre how many of us?” I thought on a really good side around 10 or 15 infact to be safe had booked a table for 10 at Pot Pourri. Was I wrong…Oh YES!!! so so wrong.
The first people to reach were Stuti and Vikram…yes this love story began in school…and they are 2 kids old now. When I reached I got a lovely warm welcome from the duo and Sid. After that friends started pouring in…..and the minute someone made an entry a game of “pehchaan kaun” took place….laughter and joy was ringing in the air and was loudest from our table…some people complained…but then who can tame a bunch of over grown school kids…not a complaint for sure!!
Another mini 5 minute love story happened between Prashant and Vikram…they couldn’t and didn’t leave each others hands for 5 full minutes…Coming up…Dostana Part 2.
The noise got louder and the surroundings boisterous..Namrata and Ritu made the entry with many ceetees and whistles looking as gorgeous as ever; both of them eternal heart breakers and show stealers. They sure set many a hearts aflutter even after 20 years….don’t trust me ask Prashant.
Neeraj was in town from Ireland on vacations and to give him due credit was one of the first to confirm.
Sandeep at 6’3 towered above all of us…had to step up on a chair to get a pic clicked with him Smile a couple of beers down I could have actually climbed over a table too…hahah..the volumes rose and so did the banter as drinks flowed…among all of this we tried a solemn introduce your life in 4 lines but well…the attempt flopped…it was too loud..everyone was talking and was anyone listening? well your guess is as drunk as mine.
Kapil Dewan, Kapil Gandhi, Gaurav Gupta, Rohit, Sudhir, Gianendar, Vanshdeep, Neeraj, Manoj, Lokesh, Mandy, Amit Malhotra, Rajeev were all there in full force. The reunion was a roaring success …it was bigger and better than what we had imagined. It was magical, meeting so many after such a long time. 373774_286890451357900_100001108423409_821943_1928151793_n
Cheers to the old times and new beginnings!! Cheers to all those who were in high spirits and those who were present “in spirit”
Hopefully next time will be sooner than 20 years and much bigger and better. Let the good times flow Smile
(by the way for more pics log on to where else BUT facebook)