Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Off We Go to the Valley of Flowers

Govindghat to Ghangaria

On the 3rd day post a night stay at Govindghat we all woke up at crack of dawn (at least for me it was that….who ever wakes up at 6 and has breakfast at 7…). Yes this was the beginning of our real trekking days, the trek we did a day before was just a teaser. Anyways trekking boots on, pole in hand and a backpack stuffed with rain gear and water bottles, we were ready to start. The stuff for the 3 nights that we were to stay in Ghangaria was to come on the mule, thank god for the same. We first reached Govindghat base and got in the queue for a biometric scan. I don’t know what was the purpose of that, but it felt a bit like “pata nahi kya hone wala hai trek pe”. From here we all got into the jeeps and to the shout of "jai badri vishal" were off to a 3-kilometer stretch where we got off and had to start walking.

Here started the trek to our camp in Ghangaria, from where we would trek onwards to Valley of flowers and then Hemkund Sahib. Many ponies were available for those unwilling to walk it. Infact the entire route is crowded with ponies, thank god the road is wide enough to take human traffic and ponies. Our instructions included how to ward stand on the mountain side with our sticks thrust in hand almost like a warrior pose, should the ponies decide to come close. Thankfully all close encounters were warded off well.
The Awesomeness of the jungle views 
The mountains, the cool breeze and ofcourse various streams and waterfalls make the scenic landscape along the trek. It is a long trek of almost around 10 kilometers and as soon as one crosses the stream the ascent begins. 2 minutes into it and we were huffing and puffing atleast I was. at that time didn’t know how we would actually “do it” but yeah the mind that was completely made up. And it started to actually look like a case of mind over matter. 
The entire stretch is lined with small shacks and vendors selling various namkeens, chai and maggi ofcourse. What is it with the mountains and Maggi? I wonder.
As we all 12 of us moved, obviously each one had a different pace and small groups got formed. To each their own pace, we would climb a bit, remain aware of who is leading and who is at the back. Before we started we were given the instruction by our guide, Abhimanyu, to not sit however much we were tired. And every minute I wanted to rest on my bum, I would hear his voice mentally and just stand to catch my breath. And trust me it was almost after ever 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how steep the climb was. The beautiful landscape and the clear blue sky, the colour that one never gets to see in Delhi works like a balm. We would stop gape at the scenery around, look at the lush green trees lined up ever so beautifully and start again. The weird thing was however much we climbed the next milestone always revealed that we had done only 1 kilometer. That was quite a bubble buster.
En route we stopped for some yum fresh fruit chaat and small bites later revved up for the chadai once again. Slow steady steps, small sips of water and motivation from those coming down worked like elixir. However the stretch felt unending. Many poses and selfies later and still not coming to an end kind of feeling, I and my partner Tanya got pretty bored too. Imagine getting bored of walking more than getting tired of trekking. Anyways onwards and upwards we kept going. Finally at a place I spotted 10 Rs a minute call STD and stopped to call husband who wanted to keep talking way beyond my 20 Rs that I set aside. No phones work inspite of the Airtel girl promising whatever….it doesn’t even work at my home…so actually I felt pretty much home :p

Walking more and still yet more we hit a beautiful expansive landscape that reminded of the vaadiyan of Switzerland, psst not that I have been to Switzerland. Infact it was more reminiscent of chiffon sarees and romantic locations as in Yash Chopra films. Anyways the rolling valley with a gorgeous view of waterfall and green pastures where the horses were grazing made a view that made me and my trek partner keep aside all instructions of the guide and plonk on a big boulder to click some picture postcard kind of photos. 

Verdant lush Valley

Yeh Haseen Vaadiyan..Yeh Khula Aasman

And then lo and behold we look right and up and see the white tents pitched just ahead of the helipad and we shrieked in joy. We had reached…almost reached. Yess!! That made our resolve to sit even more strong and heave a gigh of big relief. The trek to Ghangaria was accomplished….now next day would be the Valley…One trek had ended and another was about to begin.
Look Ma! Camp Site 
Tired and hungry when we finally put our feet up, there were 2 guys who had come to the camp to massage our calves and that was a welcome relief. A hot shower later and an early dinner we all retired to bed with all the oohs and aahs, hoping for an easy trek to VoF.

Sunset from the Camp 

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