Thursday, July 26, 2018

Life is a trek

Recently I went trekking to Valley of flowers and Hemkund Sahib; both challenging and by that extension equally satisfying and transforming. I have noticed that most of the things in life are actually microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic qualities of life and art of living. Some of my musings and life lessons I gathered from the experience are as under:
1. Everyone is on their own unique journey
2. Everyone has their own pace and that is OK
3. There is ample support available and yet you have to move your own bum and take your own responsibility
4.Travelling light is easier than travelling with baggage. Keep it light baby
5. Cause, You gotta carry your own load
6.There are resources available all around you, you have to decide which ones suit you and remain in allowance of that choice.
7. Your resources are your own, don’t judge others for what they are choosing. You never know when you may need those same ones.
8. And if you do need those resources that you may have mentally shun earlier, take it with chin up.. don’t judge yourself
9. Make a goal and then forget the goal. In this case the goal is to reach the summit and yet that’s just a goal.
10. the minute you arrive at one goal, the goal post shifts. Once you reach the summit, the goal is to reach the base.
11. As in life goals will keep moving, enjoy the journey
12. Hustle and pause both are required
13. Mindful small steps will make you literally and figuratively climb mountains
14. Pause to breathe in the beauty, gaze at the waterfalls and smell the roses. Look around, life is beautiful
15. Dont judge the pace of others. Everyone is on their own path. Koi aage koi peeche
16. You never know you may meet people who were behind you, go right up ahead
17. Don’t compare your journey with anyone else. Be kind
18. No one will get a medal on reaching the top. Life is not a race to the position
19. How “you” arrive matters. What does not matter is what others think of the resources
20. Those resources could be your own or hired towards the goal. So be it. Don’t judge yourself or others
21. You never know what’s lying at the next bend. You may need that exact same help or support.
22. A smile or a kind word spoken to/by the stranger is a big gift. Give that gift. Receive that gift. You never know who you are inspiring
23. Kabhi dhoop kabhi chaon. Its not important that the weather changes whats important is how you weather it.
24. There are human angels all around someone offering you a sip of glucose just so that you remain revved up in your journey is amazing
25. Give and receive with equal joy
26. Gratitude is supreme- grateful for this body, life, spirit, nature and everything and everyone. Express it!
27. You may need both mantras and affirmations -energy from divine and empowerment from within
28. When you are in synch with your breath you are optimal
29. Age is actually just a number. You are as old and capable as you think you are
30. Growth and expansion happens outside your comfort zone
31. If you think you can, you can!
32. Celebrate your micro wins
33. Keep the humor alive
34: In the end though it may seem that YOU have climbed the mountain and done it all. I don’t think you can do it without the support of your fellow travelers, whether they are cheering you from home or walking along. Support is both visible and invisible!
35. Last but definitely not the least, it may seem that life is a zero sum game- you reach the peak only to come back to base, in my opinion it is not. Cause you are far richer with all the experience and ready to face the world with renewed vigour.

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