Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I Accept

Acceptance as a thought/idea/way of life is rising up in my consciousness from the past couple of days. First in a long discussion with my mil, I said that if we all were to accept situations, things and self as we were 90 percent of our problems will be sorted and she brought up the issue of choice, saying when one does not have any choice one has to accept. I think that there is no point in our life when we do not have a choice, we can choose to accept and move on or we can choose to not accept and wallow on. We do have a choice and in cases of death when we don’t give ourselves the choice to accept we remain in grief.
Anyways acceptance has in it the seeds of possibilities. One that of choosing to stay the way we are and be in the energy of “I am like this only”! the other when we accept the current situation, it opens us up to the possibility of taking an action and choosing to make a breakthrough.