Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wah Puttar Wah!


So, my son had a class activity in which he was to develop a story out of a sentence given by the teacher. Today when he got back and showed me his “fantastical” tale, I felt like the quintessential Bollywood Maa, over-happy, over-joyed, over excited basically over-reaction(after all I am SRK’s biggest, truest and loyalest fan na), and decided to share it with my blogger friends, his nani, dadi, didi, mamu, mami….yeah you got it ….the world. So here goes, the first sentence is by the teacher.

Footsteps Behind Me

I was walking down the road when suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly turned to see who it was but I could see nobody only the empty road behind me. I started to walk again thinking it was my imagination but I kept hearing the footsteps and everytime I turned there was nobody. Suddenly I had an idea I walked in a puddle of mud and continued walking, when I heard the footsteps again, I spun around and lo behold there were tiny footprints like an elf walking. I tried to catch him but he dodged and ran inside the woods. As a rule I wasn’t allowed in the woods, but I ran and started following the elf. He soon arrived at a tiny little cute cottage. He went in and I thought i  heard him murmur something like Home Sweet……Home. I peeped inside from the window and saw a most amazing sight. The little elf removed his hat and I saw the tiniest person I had ever seen. He started eating food and I heard his wife call him TinyMick. It was getting late and I thought I would come back tomorrow to talk to him and ask him about the following me business. When I returned the next day there was nobody there.It looked as if TinyMick and his house had disappeared into thin air. I never saw him or his tiny house again.

By Arnaav Bellani, Grade VI

The story is reproduced warts and all, absolutely unedited. Now please clap your hands and write in some equally adorable comments.


  1. Wah Puttar Wah! really great!

  2. It's such a sweet story. And I loved the name "Tiny Mick"!

  3. absolutely amazing and gripping..he had me going all along and craving for more..excellent ana:)clap..clap...clap...

  4. Aww! How very cute :) What an adorable mom! :) And definitely a Wah Puttar! :)