Sunday, June 26, 2011

Canada’s Wonderland

Aayush, my kind Hilter type of a bro passed the diktat and announced that for our trip to Canada’s Wonderland all of us be out of the house at 8am. What 8?? That too on a Saturday morning after a night of well ....3 vodkas...acha so i lied ok 4. But when HE passes the rule all better follow. So there we were stretching and yawning literally at the crack of the dawn 7.30 am IS THE crack of dawn for moi. We started or well tried to start at 8.15. Tried? Yeah because the gear of the van got stuck!!!!!! And plan B was put into action after all the kids had given their invaluable suggestions as to how to start the van...
Plan B we took the car out and mum opted out L for lack of space and her peace of mind. Finally off we went. The day was wonderfully cloudy and cold too...Canada’s weather is worse than the proverbial Mumbai rains. When it was spring it was too hot, so hot that heat wave was declared officially; and since the onset of summer i haven’t seen a single warm day.
Reaching the destination i was shocked to see the place swarming with people and long queues at all the places...and i thought my bro was the only one with the crazies. When it was our turn to enter the place and our bags were frisked for security out came loads of food packages that we had packed for our imps. However to our charging and utmost stress this place was “no food policy” in a very very fine print, the security guy smirked. Barring some fruits for ids nothing allowed. Another jhatka.
And all this before the adventure in the Adventure land had begun. Anyway we picked up the maps, got the relevant height bands for the kids, and off we went. The first stop Bumper cars. And 1 sulk because the youngest one and by the way the most fearless of them all was not allowed due to height restrictions. Anyways...that through we went for the other rides in Kidzville.

After going through the Helicopter Chase a monorail ride, the Blast off, the Jumping jet, Golf cart rides, the kids were warmed up thoroughly and decided to take the roller coaster.
Arnaav was hesitant, Arkin expectant and Arnay just sooo dying to go. Arnaav observed that the roller coster went around twice and that what could be the speed and if it was safe and so on. Finally after fighting among themselves for the coveted last car in the coaster that was the Police car Arnaav and i sat in it.

Phew the coaster was actually fast and furious for kids. And after a whole lot of screaming themselves hoarse when we exited they were feeling like a bunch of courageous bunch of achievers.
Quickly came the lunch break and while i and Shilpi queued up for lunch for pizzas, chicken strips, and fries, Aayush minded the kids and took them for a ride literally. They went in for the Carrousel and big tea cups. Arnaav tried to but couldn’t back out because thankfully i wasn’t around to see them tantrums.
Post lunch we decided to check out the Spooky cave. After this me and Aayush decided enough is enough and decided to go for the real kill. THE BEHEMOTH. Shilpi poor thing wasn’t given a choice and took the kids to the water park. Nobel prize to her for putting up with 2 bullies like me and Aayush.Aerial Landscape Rendering
The queue at the Behemoth was sooooooooo long but so totally worth it. Whenever that thing used to start up for the round while we were waiting i would have multiple thoughts...Anyway when the turn came me and bro looked at each other (he had done it earlier too) he challenging and me cowering...but what the heck i can’t ever back out and so we sat and did i sit tight! Jai Mata Di and uske baad toh jo hua bus ho hi gaya... mind also didn’t get time to process...aawaz bhi nahi nikli....leave alone screaming...But man the view from the top when it was ascending was mind blowing but the descent heheh i cheated couldn’t keep both them eyes open...only 1 periodically. When it grated to a halt gosh thats when i let out a big sigh and a whoop!!! It was amazing. It was awesome. And it was a lifetime of memories.
Just to impress everyone here are some statistics:
The Behemoth is a total of 5400 feet long with the highest point of drop being 230 feet and the speed of first drop is 125km/hr (and after that u stop caring J ).

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