Saturday, August 29, 2009

whats this with the tests. why do little kids have to suffer unit tests. is it fair? why do we have to judge a child's performance on the basis of the marks given to kids. my child is brilliant and its not just the mother in me that's saying it. but he was so depressed yesterday because he got 18 marks out of 25 all because of a silly mistake. my god did it spoil his day, poor chap. i mean is rattafication the only method for progressive schools also to judge its students, i mean till atleast 5th or 6th standard we should spare the child this stress, and boy does it create stress; the entire household seems to be upset no not because of his marks, but looking at the poor soul so upset. and this morning i read about a girl who scored 92% marks and still committed suicide just because she couldnt get admission to LSR college. is life so non-precious, is it the child's aspirations, is it his/her ambitions, or measure of self worth. Also it is so easy to blame the parents, that we are making them like this, it is our aspirations or we are living our dreams through them, but no parents are not always to be blamed, it is the system, peer pressure and social acceptance. i realised yesterday i was only consoling my 7 year old and telling him it is ok. but he didn't seem convinced. i did not push him but he feels he needs to study harder.

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