Monday, August 31, 2009

Gift two sights

went for my recording yesterday at the blind school, this is one of the constants in my life recession or not and boy do i love it. the satisfaction that this gives me cannot match up to any kind of job satisfaction, or a fat pay cheque, really! i have always felt that one must must pledge their eyes. this is one way of living after. my mother always says even cow and goat hides can be used after they are dead and gone but human body becomes waste, confined to flames. now we have a chance, we can donate our eyes and that too when we wont need them. we do so many things so that we can live after physical death, the foremost in our indian cultures is typically that of having a son, arre bhai vansh badanaa hai, then some set up comapnies in their babuji's names even the big wigs like Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani, a few others with money think and do set up ashrams, hospitals, and even memorials. They are good, i mean one cant doubt the charitable work or the "give back to society" they are involved in. But isn't it also such a beautiful thought to make two persons see through your eyesonce you are dead and gone, wow to live like this. and no it doesn't even in the least spoil or disfigure your physical facial structure. i really feel we should all pledge our eyes, live in the prayers of the one who receives it.
anyway my recordings at the school is called voice donation, i read out the book or text whatever is given to me and a master copy made f it and then loads of copies post which they are circulated among the blind who can listen to the cd or the tape as may be the case assisting them in reading. among all the literauture on spirituality etc that one keeps reading extolling the virtues of silence, this is one noise i dont mind making. it is very fulfilling and amazing, the throat hurts a bit after recording continuous for an hour but it is what the husband says the sweet pain!

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