Monday, April 30, 2018

Every Day Hero – Episode 2

Look around and you will see a hero in each one and in you, the entire life doesn’t have be heroic, there are many instances in which you will catch a glimpse of a hero or be one. It does need courage and guts to overcome a challenge, kick the glass bubble of comfort, break out of a limiting belief, step out of the ordinary, show compassion and touch lives simply by getting connected to the luminosity within.

Today I salute the hero in my grandmother, my dadi. A beautiful woman she served many years of her life as a nurse with my grandfather who was a Doctor. I always knew her as a loving granny bent over her sewing machine and magically creating frilly frocks for me that I would wear proudly and prance around.

I was born the year after my dadu passed on. For a very long time I just knew that he was hit by a taxi while crossing the road and did not survive. What I did not know was the incomparable courage my dadi had displayed in the hospital. She must have been in her early 60s when this accident occurred in Delhi.

While crossing the road, dada ji was hit by a taxi and the taxi guy took them to the hospital. It was a mayhem around with the doctors rushing in cause dada ji was hit seriously. Amma ji (as I called my dadi) realized that her husband is not going to survive this and told the taxi driver to escape cause if her sons reach the hospital they will thrash the driver and if the police does his life will be a mess. He had told amma ji about his little kids and was pleading her to forgive him. She literally told him, “yahan main dekh rahi hun, tu bhaag ja.”

Looking back I realize the large heartedness and compassion that the lady displayed in the time of her extreme distress. It is so difficult to even forgive your own self, yes we are our harshest critics, leave alone any other. For me she is a hero in this incident. Yes she is.

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