Monday, February 1, 2016

What the Red Traffic Light Could Not Do

Ah well, it’s a funny place this Dilli of mine. A city full of contradictions brimming with the old and the new at each corner and in each one of us!
Last week while on the road, a guy honked incessantly and jumped the red light to race ahead of everyone and everything, throwing caution to the wind, the attitude reeked of “tu nahi jaanta main kaun hun”. I rolled my eyes and made that typical hand gesture somehow all drivers in Delhi make, doesn’t matter who is at fault. 20 seconds later the light turned green and I moved on only to spot that same car a couple of meters ahead of me and then he suddenly braked in the middle of the road and pulled on side leaving me wondering what the heck happened. It is then that I spotted a cat had crossed over the path…I could not control and laughed aloud all alone to myself and gaily drove off. It was like divine intervention with me feeling vindicated and smug.

What the traffic rules couldn’t do a small cat achieved. Cant help laughing. Do you know what it means when a cat crosses the path? Well, it means it is going somewhere. Haahahha


  1. Hahahahah !
    Too good! Forget the pandus at the traffic lights we need black cats!!

  2. Ha ha ha.....kaali billi....get them out on the roads

    1. Haha ...i know they will be the traffic stoppers!

  3. LOL... funny indeed!! Kudos to the cat...
    Do you think we should have cats manning roads instead of traffic lights? :-p ;-)
    Loved the piece, thanks for sharing Anubha... :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  4. That is hilarious. When man made signals don't work, God sends in his/her own signal! :)