Thursday, May 5, 2011

To Mom….with love

Dear Mom,
Happy Mother’s Day and all the other days and years to come. Though moms are and should be celebrated each living day, for umpteen reasons like nurturing before birthing and giving us life and making us the persons that we are today and giving us a blissful childhood, and wiping our tears of infancy, teenage, adolescence, and even adulthood……the list is endless and so is my love.
I know mom at times you do feel that after finishing your masters and studying so hard all you have done is sit at home and do nothing else. Today i wish to tell you after having seen both sides of the career as well as momhood; you made an immense sacrifice, gave up the little luxuries of life so that we could be accommodated; well not accommodated we could be the centers of your life, you were the invisible force behind all of us; the rock of the family. Without all that thankless job that you toiled for we wouldn't have been what we are today.
I am in the same position and though doubts do arise the time and situation demands that i be the same like you had been; the spine of my family and trust me though at times might feel a twinge i know i wont regret it.
Thanks mom for everything you did and also for everything that you did not let us do. Today when i say to Arnaav “Parents will always try to do the best for you,” your words and my rebellion echoes in my mind. But well life is a teacher. I learnt and i am sure one day Arnaav will too.
Life does come a full circle…it sure does.
There is too much say and express but words are not enough…I love are my best friend and my soul mate....keep smiling...and keep loving cause though i may have my faults you still are my best supporter, sounding board, advice giver all rolled in one big huggable and kissable package.
hapi mums day
Take care and love you loads

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