Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walk the walk but also walk the talk
I have been to various heritage walks regularly organized by the India Habitat Center. They have all been amazing and transports you to another world of royally and grandeur. The monuments silent and mute witnesses to the ravages of time and also of humans stand stoically amidst the urban jungle. Some of them have really been ill-treated what with all those beer cans, potato chips empty packs, and littered with many spoils of human consumption. It is really sad at times to see them in decrepit state. Undying testimonials to love are scrawled all over, at time one wonders how some of them actually managed to reach the height where such absurdities have been etched. I am sure these last and deface the monument much longer than that undying love between the secretly meeting couples. Some of them may have married, some now in new relationships, and some may have been dead long time back. Such scrawlings are infact a reflection of our uncouthness and collective neglect of what are the remains of our architectural heritage.
Some times the way the authorities work also amazes me. There is always a sagging, standing on one leg rusting blue colored board proclaiming the monument to be a protected monument by the ASI. But what protection is being given is anyone’s guess. At times even when one gravitates towards some of the monuments wondering what it was, and who built it, and what timeline. One still returns with no answers in fact more questions. Because those protected monuments are standing there nameless, faceless though protected. Protected form what one may ask since there is no one physically guarding them even no guards, no one to stop vandalism etc.
I feel as citizens it should be our responsibility to not vandalize, deface or litter in and around the monuments. In fact why should one litter at all I don’t understand. But that’s another story for another time. Let us all make a beginning, a beginning to protect our heritage, our national treasures and not just for the upcoming CWG 2010 but much more beyond that….a commitment that is life long….a responsibility that will filter down generations!

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